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This study is an update of the 1998 Tinker Air Force Base (AFB), Oklahoma Air
Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Study. 

The update presents and documents changes to the AICUZ amendment for the period 1998-2006 and is based on the January 2006 aircraft operations condition. 

This AICUZ Study reaffirms Air Force policy of assisting local, regional, state, and federal officials in the areas surrounding Tinker AFB by promoting
compatible development within the AICUZ area of influence; and protecting Air Force operational capability from the effects of land use that are incompatible with aircraft operations. Specifically, the report documents changes in aircraft operations since the last study and provides noise contours and compatible use guidelines for land areas surrounding the installation based on the January 2006 operations. 

This information is provided to assist local communities and to serve as a tool for future planning and zoning activities. Changes that occurred since the 1998 Tinker AFB AICUZ Study include: 

An increase in the number of operations by based aircraft

The addition of 4 based KC-135 aircraft 

An increase in the number of transient aircraft operations at Tinker AFB

Addition, elimination, and modification of aircraft flight tracks to correspond to flying operations changes

Technical improvements to the NOISEMAP computer modeling program

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AICUZ Section 2

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AICUZ Section 5a

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