Community Engagement Program

Active community relations programs enable commanders to enhance morale, public trust and support.

Air Force professionals involved in the communities where they live become front-line ambassadors for the Air Force.

Through active programs, the Air Force demonstrates it is a community partner and a responsible steward of resources.

Contact the Chief of Community Engagement for more information at (405) 739-2026 or email at:

Community Engagement Program

The objective of Community Engagement is to increase public awareness and understanding of the Air Force and Tinker's mission. We support surrounding communities in all aspects, ranging from tour requests, speaker's bureau or participation in local events. Our goal is to foster positive relations with the surrounding communities.

Community Engagement offers the following programs:

The Speaker's Bureau

The speaker's bureau gives Air Force people the chance to directly interact with its neighbors in the community, professional organizations, schools, businesses and civic organizations. Most organizations request speakers to talk about Tinker's mission, specific job descriptions or personal experiences in the Air Force.

Your organization may request those topics listed above or anything else you feel appropriate. We will try to match up a speaker to your specific request. If you would like to schedule a speaker for one of your organization's meetings, please call: 405-739-2026 or fill out a Speaker Request Form  and email it to:

Base Tours

Tours tell a portion of the Air Force story to visitors and will be tailored to coincide with the interests of different age groups.

The 72nd Air Base Wing offers organized group tours. Tours are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Tours are limited to groups no smaller than 10 and no larger than 30. Tours are not provided to individuals, non-organized groups, or groups under the age of 12.

For questions or to schedule a tour, please call: 405-739-2026 or email:

Please request your speaker or tour at least three weeks prior to your date when making a request.

Thank you


Unit Public Affairs Representative Program

The Public Affairs office want to tell your unit's story. To do that we need representatives in the field-people like you who are experts on your unit and mission.

As a UPAR, you are the eyes and ears of your organizaiton. You are a vital link in the commander's communication programs.

You are telling the Tinker Story!

UPARs are individuals most qualified, by Air Force knowledge, experience, aptitude and interest.

UPARs will provide necessary support and facilities for tenant organizations, including Reserve and National Guard forces, to conduct Public Affairs activities.

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