Career Focus Program

The Career Focus Program offers a variety of programs and services that can assist spouses, family members and military who are seeking to enhance their job finding skills.


Navigating USA Jobs
The workshop teaches how to search the USAJOBS website, read federal job announcements and understand qualifications. The second half of the workshop is a detailed briefing of the federal hiring preferences.

Resume Writing & Cover Letters
Identify types of resumes and the pros and cons of each. This workshop explains the different sections of a resume and gives you tips on construction of a resume. Instructions are provided on translating your military skills into civilian terminology and measuring skills and experiences to show the impact on job performances.

The second half of the workshop focuses on writing Federal Resumes and different formats and requirements separate from the traditional private industry resume.

Interviewing and Salary Negotiation
Information and guidance on the interview process, frequently asked and difficult questions, proper dress attire, body language, effective job search methods, researching companies and analyzing job announcements are covered during this workshop. In addition, learn techniques on how to negotiate for the best salary and compensation package. Workshop offered semi-annually.

After attending the above mentioned workshops individual consultations for resume review, interviewing skills or federal employment are available by appointment to spouses, family members and military seeking civilian employment.

Discovery Center
The Discovery Center, located in the front area of the A&FRC offers computer and text reference materials, access to word processing programs to create or update resumes or cover letters, and access to USAJOBS and other job search sites via the internet!

Helpful Websites
Federal Job Search
Air Force Civilian Service
Internal Air Force Civil Service Employees
Where the Jobs Are (Federal)
Office of Personnel Management
FAA-Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center
US Postal Center
Military Spouse Career Center
Career One Stop
NAF Jobs
Army & Air Force Exchange Service
After Careers
Military Spouse Education and Career Opportunities
Military Spouse Employment
Military Spouse eMentor Program

For more information on the Career Focus Program, sign up for workshops or make an individual appointment, please call the A&FRC at 405-739-2747.

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