Casualty Assistance

The Casualty Assistance Office is located in building 6001 and office hours are 0730 to 1630. Please call with questions or to set up and appointment. The phone number is (405) 739-2747.

The Casualty Assistance Representative is the primary point of contact and can assist with the following:

Virtual Record of Emergency Data (vRED)
Each Active Duty member must have a current vRED on file. The vRED is the SOLE source of contact information for your Next-of-Kin(NOK) and other persons to notify in case of an injury, death or emergency.
Click here to view the vRED Trifold

Family Servicemembers Group Life Insurance(FSGLI)
Spousal premiums must be paid monthly and dependent children are automatically covered at no cost if military member pays for SGLI. Assistance with applying for FSGLI or answering any questions.

Traumatic Injury Protection Program Servicemembers Group Life Insurance(TSGLI)
If you are paying for SGLI you are automatically covered for TSGLI for $1 a month. Assistance with applying for TSGLI or answering any questions.

Active Duty Deaths
Reports deaths to base leadership up to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, facilitates the notification of the NOK, briefs and assist NOK on applying for benefits
Click here to view the Active Duty death information Trifold

Active Duty Medical Reporting
Reports very serious ill/injured (VSI), serious ill/injured (SI) and not serious ill/injured (NSI) to base leadership up to Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Air Force Retiree Deaths
Reports death to Defense Finance and Accounting services. Briefs and assists NOK on applying for benefits.
Click here to view the Retiree death information trifold

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