Personal & Work Life

A great variety of workshops and seminars designed to enhance customer knowledge, skills and abilities to anticipate and meet challenges throughout the stages of the family life cycle and ease adaptation to the unique demands of military life. For more information contact the A&FRC at 739-2747.

New spouses orientation, offered once per quarter, designed to help new military spouses integrate into military life.

Stress and Anger Management
Safe ways to vent your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to spend some negative energy.

Crossing the Line (Addictions)
Brings awareness to how your choices sometimes lead to addiction.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Brings awareness to overlooked symptoms after a traumatic event.

Senior care giving classes and referrals
Help caregivers cope with the many challenges in caring for the elderly.

True Colors
Discover your greatest strengths and understand the strengths of others.

Money and your personality
Identify how you spend money according to your personality type.

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