Qualified Recycling


To provide an efficient and cost effective recycling program on Tinker Air Force Base to all customers to include - the civilian workforce, military members along with their families, as well as the industrial side of the base. The program is used to divert as much material as possible away from landfills while being cost efficient.

The material the QRP recycles consist of metal, paper, cardboard, toner, aluminum and tin cans, glass and newspaper. The QRP program partners with Balfour Beatty for curbside pickup in the base housing areas. The 24 hour drop off site is located on the west side of building 1156 and has collection bins for cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum cans, tin cans and plastic.

Balfour Beatty residents did you know we also recycle glass? Even though our curbside contract for on base-housing doesn't include glass pickup please feel free to drop off at building 1156 or our receptacle at Balfour Beatty Community Center.

Any excess proceeds realized by the NAF Recycling Program are re-invested into the MWR fund to help with many base wide functions supporting our troops. For more information please contact the Qualified Recycling Program staff at 405-739-3610. Reduce...Reuse...Recycle!

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri: 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Holidays and the day after Thanksgiving.

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