Patient Advocate

The 72nd Medical Group encourages patients to exercise their rights and to express opinions concerning their medical care. We always appreciate positive comments about our staff and services. Your comments are valued and aid in maintaining an effective working relationship with you, our valued beneficiaries.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your healthcare, you can complete a customer comment card located throughout the facility, we encourage you to speak with a section advocate first, and if you are unable to resolve your concerns, please contact the Patient Advocate Manager at 582-6201.

Section Patient Advocates:
Diagnostic Imaging Department 582-6197
Dental Services 582-6401
Family Advocacy 582-6658
Central Appointing 734-APPT (734-2778)
Dial Central Appt number then listen to the menu for the following areas:
Deployment Health Assessment Clinic
Family Practice Clinic
Gyn Clinic
Pediatric Clinic
Flight Medicine Appointments 582-6610
General Surgery Clinic 582-6488
Health Benefits Advisor/Debt Collections 582-6339
Healthcare Integration 736-2259
Immunizations 582-6523
Laboratory 582-6383
Mental Health 582-6658
ADAPT 582-6658
Medical Logistics 582-6110
Nutritional Services 736-2169 Building #5922
Occupational Medicine Services 734-3421 Building #3334
Optometry Appointments 582-6518
Patient Advocate Manager 582-6201
Pharmacy - Main 582-6315
Refills 734-5514
Pharmacist Line 582-6315
Physical Therapy 582-6177
Public Health 582-6542
Referral Management Center 582-6363 Fax: 736-2824
EFMP/Family Member Relocation Clearance Coordinator 582-6025
TRICARE 1-800-444-5445