Tricare Info

Feel free to visit the website or call 1-866-DoD-LIFE (1-866-773-0404) for more information on TRICARE for Life benefits.
For more information on co-pays please call or visit the TRICARE Service Center in building 5801, 1-800-444-5445.

When on Vacation or Leave

Emergency Care - Go directly to the nearest emergency room, and then notify your primary care manger within 24 hours or the next business to coordinate ongoing medical care at (405) 734-2778, select appropriate option.

Urgent Care - For severe illnesses that may worsen if not taken care of sooner and you are in the local area, call your primary care manager at (405) 734-2778, select the appropriate option. If you are out of the local area (more than 40 miles away from your PCM) call: 1-800-444-5445 for an urgent care referral authorization.

Routine Care - All routine care must be pre-authorized through your PCM.

How do I get in touch with the TRICARE Service Center (TSC)? 3
TRICARE Operations & Patient Administration (TOPA) Flight:
TOPA Flight Commander 582-6336
TOPA Flight Chief 582-6342
Chief TRICARE Element & Contract Liaison 582-6340
Health Benefits Advisor/Debt Collection 582-6339