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Current Air Force Information:

HPCON ALPHA Declared (Current As Of Sep. 30, 2022)

Team Tinker,

After reviewing the data trends for cases per 100,000, new COVID admissions per 100,000, percentage of staffed beds in use by patients with COVID for Oklahoma County and consulting with Public Health, the Installation Commander has made the decision to move the installation into HPCON ALPHA as of 8:30 a.m. on Sept. 30, 2022.

Consolidated Department of Defense Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection Guidance - Revision 2


Vaccination Opportunities

On Base Vaccination

Tinker COVID-19 Vaccinations graphicTinker AFB COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics: In ongoing support of COVID -19 vaccinations, the 72nd Medical Group offers the Pfizer and Moderna formulations in the immunization clinic. Appointments can be made at Vaccinations are open to anyone with base access. Moderna is offered on Mondays and Tuesdays while Pfizer is offered on Thursdays and Fridays. Pediatric doses of Pfizer for ages 5-11 are available every other Wednesday. You may need to use a non-DOD computer and follow instructions on site to sign up. For questions or assistance call the 72nd MDG COVID support line at 405-582-6297.

For fastest service, please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your appointment time and bring pages 1 and 3 (completed) of the COVID Vaccine Consent Packet (Fillable PDF).

For more information on base access, gate entry and location, see the Traffic, Weather & Construction Info page.

COVID Clinic operating times are 7 to 10 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Off Base Vaccination Location & Registration Sites:

Please note: this is not a complete list of the opportunities available in the local area.

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What to do if you have been exposed or test positive for COVID-19

CDC Isolation / Quarantine Policy (Jan. 6, 2022)

CDC COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Guide

Testing for COVID-19 (if symptomatic)
Call the 72nd Medical Group Appointment Line at 405-734-2778
Note: For flyers and those empaneled to Flight Medicine, report to Sick Call Monday-Friday, 7-10 a.m.

For those receiving a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 Test:
Regardless of vaccination status, the individual becomes a COVID-19 case and must be isolated

Day 0 is your first day of symptoms or a positive viral test. Day 1 is the first full day after your symptoms developed or your test specimen was collected. If you have COVID-19 or have symptoms, isolate for at least 5 days. For full details, visit the CDC COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Guide

To help the Public Health Flight streamline the process, the below instructions will be followed.
If a member receives a POSITIVE COVID-19 test result, send an email to the following email org box:
• Title of the email: REPORTING
• Body of email: Individual’s name and a good contact number as well as their supervisor’s name and contact number.
• Public Health will conduct their interview as normal. Any other unit channeling/processes should remain the same.

Close Contacts of a Positive COVID-19 Case:
No quarantine recommended if you meet fully vaccinated criteria in accordance with CDC guidelines
Quarantine is recommended if you do not meet fully vaccinated criteria in accordance with CDC guidelines

The date of your exposure is considered day 0. Day 1 is the first full day after your last contact with a person who has had COVID-19. Stay home and away from other people for at least 5 days. For full details, visit the CDC COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Guide

Vaccination Verifications

Vaccine FAQs

Resources & Documents