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Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

The Air Force's goal is to keep highly-skilled men and women on active duty. If this is not feasible, the Air Force will ensure they receive extraordinary assistance through the AFW2 Program. For more information contact the A&FRC at 739-2747.

Provide personalized support to Airmen who have a combat-related illness or injury.

- Retain combat-wounded, ill or injured airmen on active duty if possible.
- Coordinate benefits counseling and services provided by DoD, Department of Veteran's Affairs, Department of Labor, Social Security Administration and other helping agencies
- Facilitate federal employment for AFW2s with a 30% or higher disability rating.
- Ensure "warm hand-off" at various stages of recovery
- No difference in care for any Total Force Member - Active, Guard or Reserve

The Air Force ensures wounded Airmen and their families have professional support and follow-up for life after seperation/retirement.

- Advocate for services on Airman's behalf
- Coordinate with closest Air Force Airman and Family Readiness Center for personal enhanced transition assistance services.
- Provide financial and family counseling, relocation assistance, resume writing and employment services, and more.

The AFW2 Program was created in 2005 as a DoD and Air Force initiative to provide personaliazed care to any Airman with a combat-related illness or injury requiring long-term care that will require a Medical Evaluation Board or a Physical Evaluation Board to determine fitness for duty.

Our AFW2 Airmen receive individualized guidance and support to lead them through the complex process of transition and returning to civilian life.