Military Relief Societies

The A&FRC facilitates each of the Services' Relief agencies. Air Force Aid Society, Army Emergency Relief and Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society. These non-profit organizations assist their members in taking care of their own through intrest-free loans and grants for basic needs. For more information contact the A&FRC at 739-2747.

The AIR FORCE AID SOCIETY (AFAS) is the official charity of the U.S. Air Force. It promotes the Air Force mission by helping "to relieve distress of Air Force members and their families and assisting them to finance their education". Through the years, AFAS has become increasingly effective in helping individuals with personal emergencies - as well as extremely useful when used by commanders to help solve personnel problems in their units. Click here to set up an account and complete the online financial assistance application. AFAS website.

AFAS is the Air Force's way of taking care of its own through interest-free loans or grants for emergencies and basic needs. Examples that could qualify an individual, depending upon circumstances, are:
For details visit AFAS website:

Emergency Leave Travel

Basic Living Needs

Respite Care

Car Care

Give Parents A Break (Active Duty Air Force)

Child Care for PCS (Active Duty Air Force),
Providing 20 Hours Of Daycare Credit Within 60 Days Of PCS

Bundles For Babies & Infant Care (Active Duty Air Force)

Child Care For Volunteers

Education Grants

Emergency Assistance Provided to Retirees and Members of the Army, Navy & Marines.

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