Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) Office

What is SBP?
SBP is a Government program which makes it possible for retiring members to ensure that after their deaths, their eligible survivors receive a portion of their military retired pay in the form of a monthly annuity. Otherwise, military pay stops when the retired member dies.

SBP is the sole means for a retired member to continue a portion of their military retired pay to their eligible survivors. If a member chooses (with the concurrence of their spouse) not to participate in the SBP, an annuity will not be paid.

An active duty member who has eligible dependents is automatically covered by SBP at the maximum level at no cost to the member while he/she remains on active duty.

Prior to retiring, each member must decide whether to continue SBP coverage into retirement. The retired pay of those members who elect to participate is reduced by monthly premiums.

After retirement, if your marital status changes contact the SBP office to make changes to your SBP program coverage.

For more information, contact the SBP Office at (405) 739-2747.

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