Volunteer Resource Program

The Volunteer Resource Program enhances volunteerism by creating a central base resource for volunteer recruitment, training and recognition. Recognition, recruitment and training opportunities are provided for volunteers and volunteer administrators. Additionally, there is an annual recognition and presentation of the Air Force Excellence Award and the Angel Award. For more information contact the A&FRC at 739-2747 or via email at 72FSS.FSFR.VolunteerCoord@us.af.mil.

On Base Volunteer Opportunities for ID Card Holders
Base Organization Volunteer Opportunity Description
Airmen and Family Readiness Center Food Pantry POC: 739-2747
Status of Volunteers: active duty, civilian employee and all other installation card holders over 18.
Description of Opportunities: Check food supply levels, organize food donations and distribute to airmen.
Airmen and Family Readiness Center Airman's Attic POC: 739-2747
Hours of Operation: Mon-Thurs 1130-1600
Status of Volunteers: Active duty, civilian employee and all other installation card holders over 18.
Description of Opportunities: Organize and sort clothing/household goods and distribute to Airmen E-6 and below and repurpose items to other facilities.
Sexual Assault and Prevention Office *Victim Advocates POC: 734-9293
Status Of Volunteers: Active duty and DoD AF civilians, appointed by commander/director and certified by NOVA. Must undergo 40 hours of AF SAPR training and a background check. Must be over 21 yrs. and at least an O-2/E-4.
Description of Opportunities: Periodically provide advocacy and referrals for victims of sexual assault and assist SAPR office with outreach and awareness events.
Community Support Coordinator *Resilience Training Assistants or Master Resilience Training POC: 734-3215
Contact Information: 72ABW.CVB.CommunitySptCoord@us.af.mil
Status of Volunteers: Active duty, civilian employees assigned to position by commander or director.
Description of Opportunities: Present resilience positive coping skills to unit and installation members and provide leadership with unit morale pulse.
Health Promotion Physical Training Leaders (PTLs) and Fun Run Volunteers POC: 734-6575
Status of Volunteers: Active duty Physical Training Leaders (PTLs) for FIT Program and active duty, civilian employees for fun runs.
Description of Opportunities: PTLs' provide support to members of the FIT program under the direction of exercise physiologist. Volunteers for fun runs help check-in, direct runners on race course and assist at the finish line.
Base Chapel Chapel/Chapel Protestant Service POC: 734-2111
Status of Volunteers: Anyone with base access, 14 and older.
Description of Opportunities:
Chapel Phone Receptionist Volunteers
Vacation Bible School-crew, game, cinema, snack leaders, decoration, etc.
Chapel Protestant Service-service choir and band members.
Base Chapel Latte Lounge POC: 734-2111
Hours of Operation: Fri 1800-2200, Sat 1400-2200, Sun 1600-2000
Status of Volunteers: Anyone with base access, 17 and older
Description of Opportunities: Volunteers learn to be a barista and serve lattés, milkshakes, cappuccinos', and more. The mission is to connect and build community with the Dorm Airmen & Sailors E-4 and below.
Fitness Centers Fitness and Sports Volunteers POC: 734-5607
Hours of Operation: 0500-1900 M-F, 0900-1700 Sat, 1100-1700 Sun
Status of Volunteers: active duty, civilian employee and all other installation card holders over 18.
Description of Opportunities: Personnel can volunteer to be aerobics instructors, coaches for intramural sports, softball scorekeepers, tennis/racquetball instructors, front desk clerk and/or working special events.
Retiree Activities Office Office Volunteering Opportunities POC:739-2795
Hours of Operation: M-F 0900-1500
Status of Volunteers: Retired military members
Description of Opportunities: Personnel can volunteer to work in RAO Office, DEERS/ID Customer Service Office, Pharmacy and Space A Travel. Duties may include answering phones, greet visitors and get them all to the correct location for their problem, stocking supplies. Some areas require computer knowledge to volunteer.
Youth/Teen Center Sports Coaches POC: 734-7866
Hours of Operation: Mon-Thur 0600-2000; Friday 0600-2100; Sat 1000-1600
Status of Volunteers: active duty, civilian employee and all other installation card holders over 18.
Description of opportunities: Sports coaches
Junior Force Council (JFC) JFC Member
Volunteering Opportunities
POC: 734-0407
Status of Volunteers: Members of the JFC-active duty, civilian employee
Description of Opportunities: Education fairs, soldier letter drives and various other events.

Volunteer time/dates vary based on open slots available with organizations listed.
All active duty and civilian volunteers must coordinate with supervisor if volunteering during duty hours.
* Must be appointed by commander/director to volunteer for this position

Childcare for Volunteers

Recognizing the importance of volunteers to the base community, the Air Force Aid Society provides funding for the Child Care for Volunteers program. The certificate of eligibility entitles the volunteer to receive up to 32 hours of child care (for each child) per month while participating in the Volunteer Resource Program at Tinker AFB. It is hoped that this funding will be used to support as many volunteers as possible who work at a variety of agencies throughout the base. This child care will be provided in licensed Family Child Care homes in the Tinker AFB area. For an updated list of licensed providers who participate in this program, come into the Tinker Airman & Family Readiness Center. It should be noted that this program is not meant to pay for child care for volunteers in resale (Thrift Shop), fund raising, or social activities.

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