The pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services from two points of service, the Main Pharmacy with the drive-through pick-up window and the Clinic Pharmacy.

Main Pharmacy hours of operation:
7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday,
Drive-thru closes at 5 p.m.
Clinic Pharmacy hours of operation:
7 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday - Friday
72nd MDG Training Day:
The third Wednesday of the month both pharmacies close at noon
The Drive-thru is available for pick-up until 5 p.m.

The Main Pharmacy provides the following pharmaceutical care services:
· Filling and dispensing of new prescriptions for formulary medications by off-base providers.
· Any written prescription for formulary medications (military or civilian provider)
· Consultation on proper use, precautions, side effects, interactions of medications.

Please Note:
· New prescriptions must be physically signed by the provider; no called in or faxed prescriptions can be accepted
· Drive-thru is for picking up prescriptions from the Main Pharmacy only. New written prescriptions must be brought into the Main pharmacy.
· Prescription drop boxes: One drop box is located just inside the main clinic doors and the other is inside the Main Pharmacy. Please completely fill out the form provided and place it in the envelope with the prescriptions. These prescriptions will be available the next duty day after 10 a.m.

The Benefits of the Call-In Refill System include:
· Reducing wait time and long lines
· Permits ordering refills from home 24 hours a day
· Refills called in before noon Monday through Thursday will be available for pickup the next duty day after noon. Refills called in after noon, refills called in Friday through Sunday, or refills called in on down days and federal holidays will be available in two duty days barring any computer-related problems.
· All called-in refills must be picked-up within 5 duty days or they will be returned to stock and will have to be called in again.

The Clinic Pharmacy provides the following pharmaceutical care services:
· New prescriptions services for patients that see providers in the 72nd Medical Group.
· Prescriptions are entered by the providers and are then filled when the patient checks in at the pharmacy window. The patient must check in for all new prescriptions or renewals that are entered by the provider.

The pharmacy staff highly recommends TRICARE Prime (medical records maintained at the MTF) members verify availability of new prescriptions with 72nd Medical Group Pharmacy personnel prior to going to a civilian pharmacy. For a list of all medications carried at the pharmacy, lists are available in the pharmacy and in the clinic. For the most up-to-date formulary, please visit this website. Click on the right hand side on Pharmacy. If the medication is a formulary item, the 72nd Medical Group can fill the prescription at lower costs to both the military and the individual getting the prescription filled. TRICARE Prime members, however, may go to a civilian pharmacy when doing so is due to convenience or proximity. TRICARE Prime members should also use civilian pharmacies when getting the prescription filled is an emergency and the 72d Medical Group Pharmacy is closed.

Pharmacy Phone Numbers
· Main Pharmacy: 582-6315
· Automated call-in refill number: 734-5514
· Long distance phone number: 1-800-457-9928