Public Health

Phone Number: 582-6542

Animal Bite Reports
Animal bites and scratches can result in serious/fatal diseases in humans.
For this reason, Public Health is responsible ensuring a form documenting the circumstances is prepared and ultimately included in your medical record.

Blood borne Pathogen Exposure
If you are involved in an incident involving another person's blood, you may be asked to get some blood tests drawn. This is to protect both you and the Medical Group employee. The Preventive Medicine Office (PMO) will order a hepatitis B and hepatitis C panel for both you and the employee. We will also order HIV for the employee, and for you, if you consent.

Communicable Diseases
Public Health reviews all test results positive for communicable diseases. You will be referred to PMO if you are suspected to have a communicable disease. If you do not have a confirmed test, Public Health will provide education; if you are positive for a communicable disease PMO will conduct an interview. Follow-ups will be accomplished as necessary. The following are examples of communicable diseases Public Health will follow up:

· Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's)
· Hepatitis (all types)
· Food or waterborne diseases, i.e. shigella, giardia etc.
· Measles, mumps, meningitis etc.

Fetal Protection Program
If you are pregnant, you will process through Family Medicine. All active duty will in turn be referred to Public Health for an interview of current job duties to determine if there is an exposure to any potential hazards for the patient or the fetus. PMO also educates on the hazards of toxoplasmosis and how this can affect your pregnancy.

Food borne Illness
Public Health conducts interviews of patients suspected of having a food borne illness. They also complete inspections of the suspected facility(s), and collect food samples of the suspect food(s).

Tuberculosis Program
Any person with a 5mm or greater reaction to the tuberculosis skin test will be referred to the Preventive Medicine Office for evaluation. PMO will conduct an interview, order blood work, and a chest x-ray. They also set up the initial provider visit and follow up appointments as necessary.

Deployment Medicine
All deploying military and civilians must be medically cleared through Public Health in bldg 1094 (room 2N36) and receive a preventive medicine briefing. Deployment clearances are by appointment only scheduled through the Squadron UDMS.

Travel Medicine
Persons traveling overseas who wish to know required/recommended immunizations and preventive medicine measures can visit Force Health Management...Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.