Ninety-seven graduate from Employee Enhancement Program


Ninety-seven individuals graduated from Tinker’s Employee Enhancement Program in a March 23 ceremony at the Tinker Club. The graduation marks a significant personal and professional development over the last 12 months, augmenting leadership roles as supervisors.

Through the demonstration of continuous improvement, professionalism and excellence, Air Force Sustainment Center Executive Director Jeffrey Allen presented certificates to those graduates in attendance.

In its 23rd year, the Employee Enhancement Program is designed to develop and broaden leadership skills and knowledge of the mission, structure and business activities of key organizations on the installation. The program is stretched throughout a one-year period and includes classroom work, briefings, tours and seminars.

This year, 43 organizations were involved and 26 different job series were represented, comprising a diverse demographic. The graduates included individuals from the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, the 72nd Air Base Wing, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Nuclear Weapons Center and Defense Logistics Agency.

“This is a huge accomplishment,” Mr. Allen said. “You’re very lucky to have been selected into this exclusive group.”

He encouraged graduates to share what they’ve learned – “to spread the gospel,” as the saying goes. The executive director also emphasized the importance of utilizing and nurturing the networks and relationships formed throughout the program.

“We are doing some great things at Tinker, and you are a part of it,” he said. “And that is exciting. So thank you, and congratulations!”

Graduates included: Karen Allen, Casey A. Bellman, Carla D. Betts, Shawn L. Blatt, Dylan S. Brady, Shannon B. Brewer, Samantha L. Briskey, Carrie A. Burton, Jack W. Childs, Holly S. Clay, Steven P. Cunha, Andre P. Dame, Michael Deloney, Cheryl L. Dixon, Jeffrey R. Elliott, Joseph L. Emperly, Dewey Ezzell, Kendall D. Foster, Karla D. Girard, Andrea  Graham, Wendell N. Graham, Elizabeth Hall-Flaggert,Jonathan Hamblin, Stephanie M. Hamblin, David J. Harper, Brian D. Hatchett, Harmony G. Hines, Saunna R. Hinshaw, Jenny P. Ho, Christopher R. Hoffman, Derek L. Hossbach, Michael HostetterRachael D. Hunt, Richard E. Jamison, Rebecca L. Johnson, Steven R. Johnson, Anthony E. Jones, Michael S. Jones, Stephen M. Kingham, Lisa Kuefler, Hoa Minh Lang, Rebekah D. Letterman, Jesse K. Louderback, Angela K. Magana, Jordan A. Marcatos, Elizabeth A. Masoner, Theodore McNeal, Tiffany I. Medoza, Brandi M. Middleton, Sheri A. Moran, Marsha J. Mullins, Rodney A. Nabors, Shannon L. Palumbo, Johnny R. Phillips, Travis D. Pickard, Jerry Richardson, Eric D. Ronck, Jennifer M..Root, Ronald G. Roy, Keri E. Sampson, Jennifer M. Schmitt, Yancy T. Scott, Shane Sexton, Shawn D. Shirley, Quinten M. Simpler, Stephen M. Swanson, Vera Taylor, Steven W. Thompson, James G. Tobler, Diana M. Tow, Kurt A. Van Dyne, Tracey A. Varacchi, Brenda Walker, Michelle R. Walton,Maria D. White, Quintin R. White, Josh Williams, Thomas J. Williams, Lee E. Wilson, Mike Wolfe and Tyler A. Wood.