Welcome to Tinker Air Force Base! Please use the resources provided to familiarize yourself with the housing options and support services that are available to you.

Privatized Housing 
At Tinker AFB, military family housing is privatized. Balfour Beatty Communities owns the family housing and is responsible for maintaining, repairing, constructing and managing the community. In addition to your option to purchase and rent housing in the local community, you now may choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Balfour Beatty Communities. Ensure you schedule a pre-inspection walk through of your new home or apartment prior to signing any lease on or off base. For comprehensive information about the privatized housing community at Tinker AFB, visit The website provides information you need to know about the homes and amenities available in the privatized housing community.

 Applying for Privatized Housing 
Contact the Housing Referral Office as soon as you know you are moving to Tinker AFB. The government housing team will provide you the latest information about privatized housing and details about the application process. Please make sure you send a copy of your Orders to TAFB / Oklahoma, current LES showing BAH, 4422 Sex Offender Form and an Application 1746. The HRO will also update you on any base specific policies regarding residing in privatized housing. 

Community Amenities 
Privatized housing is comparable to housing in the local community and provides a wide variety of amenities and support services. At Tinker AFB, Balfour Beatty Communities has a variety of recreational amenities and opportunities to enjoy. You will find these amenities located throughout the community in areas from open space for team activities to shaded spaces for playgrounds and picnic areas. Community features such as eleven playgrounds, four basketball courts, two tennis courts and five green spaces, along with a community center are just some of the amenities you will find at Balfour Beatty Communities. As a resident of privatized housing, contact the Property Management Office to obtain more specific information on the services available at your location. 

Paying Rent for Privatized Housing 
Similar to living in the local community, you will sign a tenant lease agreement, typically for a one-year term. Your lease includes a military clause and a lease termination clause. You pay your monthly rent by authorizing an allotment of your BAH that is paid directly to the Property Manager. If your move occurs prior to the allotment start date, then you will need to pay the pro-rated rent directly to the Property Manager. The Tenant Lease Agreement spells out all relevant rent payment terms and conditions. Refer to the Balfour Beatty Communities website at for additional information. 

Gas and Electric Utilities 
At Tinker AFB, each home is metered. At present, utility costs are included with your full BAH amount. In the near future, an allocated amount will be provided for your utilities. Energy conservation will be paramount on the resident. For more information about your utilities, please contact the Property Management Office at 405-610-3637. 

Personal Property Insurance 
You need to obtain legal liability and personal property insurance for your possessions and should choose the options and amounts that best fit your needs and lifestyle. 

School Information 
Tinker AFB is located in the Mid-Del School District. The Balfour Beatty website lists school information on

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