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1) AF portal user account. Go to https://www.my.af.mil/faf/FAF/fafHome.jsp to find out how to obtain an AF Portal Username.
2) AF Portal username must be added to the list of AF Portal usernames approved to view eTOs (TO number ends '-WA-1') on subscription for a TODO TO library in ETIMS.

For ETIMS information: From AF Portal home page (AF Indexes), select ETIMS from the 'Applications A-Z Listing'. Once an AF Portal login is obtained, contact the local organization TODO and request to view Public Release eTOs via AF Portal / ETIMS. The TO Library POC will add the user's AF portal name to the list of users approved to view eTOs on subscription. Users who do not have access to a local TODO should send an e-mail to af.todo1@eglin.af.mil (Global TODO POC) and provide list of Public Release TOs or TO Series to view in ETIMS. The ETIMS can be accessed directly by visiting https://etims.cce.af.mil/ETIMS/index (CAC/Login Access Required).

Note: The Global TODO is on subscription for Public Release TOs only.

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Technical Data Specialist
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