Real ID Act enforcement to begin July 10


The state of Oklahoma has been on a limited extension for the REAL ID Act from the Department of Homeland Security through June 6. Unless an additional extension is granted by DHS, enforcement of the REAL ID Act will begin for Oklahoma IDs July 10. On that date a current, non-compliant Oklahoma ID can be used for entry only if the individual has another form of identification off of the list below.


The forms of ID on this list are for use at Tinker AFB only and several IDs on this list may not grant you entry for other federal facilities or military bases.


If you are traveling to other federal installations/buildings it is recommended you contact them before traveling to that location.


Other forms of federally-issued identification will be accepted instead of a non-compliant driver’s license including:


• A U.S. passport or passport card

• federally-issued personal identification verification (PIV) card

• driver’s license issued by the U.S. Department of State

• Border crossing card (DSP-150)

• DHS “Trusted Traveler” card (Global entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST)

• U.S. Military ID

• Veterans Health Certification card issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs U.S. Permanent resident card (Form I-551)

• U.S. certificate of naturalization or certificate of citizenship (Form N-550)

• Employment authorization document issued by DHS (Form I-766)

• U.S. refugee travel document or other travel document or evidence of immigration status issued by DHS containing a photograph (permit to re-enter form I-327 and refugee travel document form I-571)

• Transportation worker identification credential (TWIC)

• Merchant Mariner card issued by DHS/U.S. Coast Guard (USCG)

• Driver’s license or ID issued by a state that meets the Real ID standards or has an extension (or interim driver’s license)

• State issued EDLs

• Foreign government issued passport

• PIV-I cards issued by non-federal government entities


Identification that will be accepted along with a non-compliant driver’s license include Social Security card, birth certificate, voter registration card, state issued concealed carry license, state issued vehicle registration, and Native American Tribal photo ID.


The Real ID Act of 2005 was intended to improve the security of driver’s licenses to make it more difficult for terrorists to obtain fraudulent IDs.