OC-ALC welcomes Brig. Gen. Miller as new commander


The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex and Tinker Air Force Base bid farewell to outgoing commander Maj. Gen. Mark K. Johnson, as he relinquished command to Brig. Gen. Tom Miller in a formal ceremony June 16.

Johnson assumed command of the complex in March 2015 after previously serving as the commander for the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, a combat logistics agency supporting more than 1,800 weapon systems and supply chain sales of more than $4.4 billion a year. During his tenure on top of the OC-ALC, Johnson served the more than 9,400 military and civilian personnel who work in 63 buildings across 8.2 million square feet of industrial floor space.

Noting the opportunity to command as a beautiful one, Lt. Gen. Lee K. Levy II, Air Force Sustainment Center commander, emphasized that though a thing of beauty, command is an all-time, all-consuming obligation. He praised both in- and outbound commanders for their leadership, content of character and measure of merit – exemplary characteristics that lead to consistent production of success after success.

“It’s hard to find two finer Airmen in our United States Air Force than the two standing with me on stage today,” General Levy said. He added the special nature of this particular command position, as it is rare to have a strong professional and personal relationship between the incoming and outgoing commander.

General Miller took the reins of the complex after two years as the vice commander for the Air Force Sustainment Center. Right-hand man to the AFSC commander, Miller was responsible for providing operational planning and execution of Air Force supply chain management and depot maintenance missions for aircraft, engines, missiles and component items in support of Air Force Materiel Command missions. Covering three air logistics complexes, three air base wings, two supply chain wings and various remote locations, Miller administered more than 43,000 military and civilian personnel. A résumé stacked with command posts, Miller joins the OC-ALC having served as an air base wing commander, in addition to squadron and group command.

He has also commanded maintenance squadrons in the United States and Iraq, as well maintenance groups in Afghanistan.

Miller too, recognized the significant impact made on the complex by Johnson, and thanked him for his friendship, leadership and counsel. He also thanked General Levy for being the most present commander who continues to raise the bar.

“I’ve learned a lot from you, and I really appreciate you and the immense preparation you have provided me with.”

Finally, the No. 39 OC-ALC commander turned to the workforce and spoke directly to his new team.

“Your hands, your intellect and your skills allows for the combat power from this complex. We perform at a level that our adversaries just cannot imagine. Thank you,” Miller said. “I am so proud to be your commander, and you have my full dedication and commitment.”

General Levy recognized Johnson for his accomplishments and contributions to the OC-ALC during his 27-month tenure with the complex.

“Under his leadership, [Johnson] and his team stood up the partnership with Rolls-Royce and the F137 engines; they exceeded production for the KC-135; re-postured software maintenance; acquired the real estate with county, local, city, state and federal governments for the KC-46A campus for maintenance and overhaul; and pulled the affectionately known B-52 bomber, “GhostRider” out of seven years in the boneyard, performed maintenance and modification upgrades to get the aircraft back in commission,” General Levy explained.

Other noteworthy achievements in command by Johnson: the acquisition of the largest energy savings contract in Air Force history - cementing the $243 million facility modernization project with Honeywell, which is projected to save more than $626 million in energy and operational costs over the 21-year life of the contract; nearly reaching the milestone set in his first six months with the OC-ALC, aiming to hire 1,000+ entry-level maintenance workers in 100 days; and celebrating three of his five groups having earned a very distinguished VPP ‘star’ status, the Department of Labor’s highest honor for exceptional workplace safety programs.

The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex is made up of five groups: 76th Aircraft Maintenance Group, 76th Propulsion Maintenance Group, 76th Commodities Maintenance Group, 76th Software Maintenance Group and 76th Maintenance Support Group.

The OC-ALC performs program depot maintenance on the KC-135, B-1 and B-52 bombers, E-3 and Navy E-6 aircraft. Additionally, the complex executes maintenance, repairs and overhaul of F100, F101, F108, F110, F117, F118, F119, F135 and TF33 engines that pertain to all Air Force, Navy and foreign military sales.

Johnson was promoted to major general June 9 of this year. He leaves Tinker to return to the Defense Logistics Agency after an exceptionally decorated tour with the complex.

“It has been my absolute honor and privilege to serve alongside the nearly 10,000 Americans who make this complex work,” Johnson expressed. “When I assumed command 27 months ago, I was so excited to serve here. I knew I would demand much of you, because the nation required it. But, I did not fully realize what I was asking of you. Nonetheless you delivered beyond my greatest expectation.”

Proud of the record number of production, commodities, software, maintenance accomplishments in the last two years, the new partnerships and the expansion of the Art of the Possible across the organization, Johnson thanked his team for the work and tireless commitment to the mission.

“Thank you for your dedication to the complex and most importantly, the preservation of the freedom we all enjoy,” Johnson said. “It has been the pleasure and honor, truly the thrill of a lifetime to be your commander.” Through a choked up goodbye, the outgoing commander expressed a most sincere debt of gratitude to Team Tinker and the Oklahoma community for making the relinquishing of command “no easy business.” Leaving with a heavy heart but holding close friendship and camaraderie, Johnson said there was no better leader to hand the flag to than General Miller.

“What a transition to be able to hand the flag to people we consider family,” Johnson said. “The OC-ALC is in good hands.”