38th CEIG welcomes Schug as new commander


Col. Stan “Scott” Diamanti relinquished command of the 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group June 23, as the group welcomed Col. Todd Schug to assume the duties.

Previously serving as the chief of Global Operations and Plans Division at U.S. Cyber Command, Colonel Schug was responsible for developing and implementing operational level plans in the cyber domain in support of the National and Combatant Command objectives. He has commanded twice at the squadron level and served in joint positions on the Joint Staff, at U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Cyber Command.

Presiding over the exchange of the flag and responsibilities was commander of the 688th Cyberspace Wing, Col. Eric DeLange. The wing commander welcomed Colonel Schug, acknowledging the incoming commander as an elite officer, innovative leader and strategic thinker.

Schug’s remarks were concise, as he pressed home the major components; diversity, innovation and excellence. Proud and humbled to serve in command, Schug offered his DIE acronym as an essential component of successfully leading the team.

Serving as commander of the 38th CEIG prior to Colonel Diamanti, DeLange’s sentiment and confidence in the successor was especially meaningful. Standing on familiar ground, DeLange recognized the achievements of Diamanti’s tenure.

In his two years in command at Tinker Air Force Base, Diamanti, coordinated with the Guard to align the necessary workforce to support the design and network installation for the $1 billion U.S. Strategic Command facility, which has broken ground and is currently under construction. His team executed almost $2 billion in long haul communication circuit requirements, and acquisition professionals in the 38th were instrumental in awarding $400 million in service contracts that directly support defensive and offensive capabilities for 24th Air Force, units both inside and outside of the 688th Cyberspace Wing.

Colonel DeLange added that the 38th CEIG has been a driving force in modernizing the command, control and network defense infrastructure across much of the White House complex, and even received attention from the National Military Command Center.

On top of those distinguished marks, DeLange commented on the behind-the-scenes efforts that in summation have made a tremendous impact on the Air Force.

“Whether it’s pushing another contract over the finish line, working magic for the units that don’t have the resources, or implementing work plan initiatives that have been needed for years, [Colonel Diamanti] has performed superbly, and it is gratifying to know you won’t be too far disconnected. We look forward to your continued partnership,” DeLange offered.

Standing up two cyberspace squadrons and one cyberspace group, re-wiring facilities, getting the Air Force systems set on a path to the future, setting the pace in bringing secure communication to a multitude of special operations, central command and moving areas of responsibility, the group closed out financial management early last year and successfully navigated first vertical inspection. Acknowledging the accomplishments, Colonel Diamanti adamantly expressed that everything was done as a team.

“Nothing I’ve done is about me exclusively,” Diamanti said. “Colonel Schug has a great cyberspace perspective that he brings to that team, and I leave knowing that you’re in capable hands.”

Operationalizing program management, supporting the National Military Command Center, growing the support for Air Force command and navigating the merger of the 24th and 25th Air Force, the outgoing commander assured his successor he would not be alone.

The 38th CEIG is comprised of five squadrons whose mission is to plan, engineer and deliver survivable and resilient infrastructure to establish the cyberspace domain, as well as enable the Air Force to conduct net-centric offensive and defensive air, space and cyberspace operations.