Employee Leadership Program accepting applications

Oklahom City Air Logistics Center Okla -- The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center is now accepting applications for the Employee Leadership Program.

The program was first available in 2003 with college classes offered only at the undergraduate level. The program was expanded in 2004 to include graduate level courses. Tinker Air Force Base pays all costs for the training.

"The purpose of the program is to give top performing civilian employees an opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills" said Jerry Beene, chief of the Training, Education and Military Services Flight. "But it is important to note that selection for the program does not guarantee promotion into a supervisory role."

Those individuals who do not already have a bachelor's degree may apply for the undergraduate level ELP program, also known as the "U-ELP." This program consists of nine college-level courses to be taught at Rose State College during duty hours.

Each selectee normally completes the 27 days of training in nine months, by taking one class per month. The classes included in the program are: Leadership, General Management, Communications, Personnel/Human Relations, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Financial Management and Organizational Behavior.

Once the nine courses are completed, the student earns 15 college credits, and is awarded a Certificate of Mastery in the Employee Leadership Program-Undergraduate.

Those who already have a bachelor's degree may apply for the graduate level ELP program, or "G-ELP." This program consists of three graduate level courses to be taught at Langston University Urban Campus in Oklahoma City during duty hours. Each selectee would normally take the three one-week courses within a six-month period.

The classes in the program are: Leadership Practices for Administrators, Human Resources Management and Administration of Financial Resources. Once the three courses are completed, the student would earn nine graduate level college credits and be awarded a Certificate of Mastery in the Employee Leadership Program-Graduate.

Candidates for either of the above programs will be competitively selected.

"This is a great opportunity for employees to take the time and improve their work skills," said Mr. Beene. "Training like this offers employees the chance to improve their management skills, while earning college credit, and can fit it into their busy work schedule and thereby creating a win-win situation for the both the employee and the Air Force."

All applicants must currently be performing at the journeyman level in their career field. Applicants must be permanent civilian employees assigned to the OC-ALC or the 72nd Air Base Wing.

Due to the changes made in the Air Force Personnel System by the National Security Personnel System, this year those coded as a "LEADER" by the Air Force Classification Guidance Supervisory Status Codes will be eligible for the ELP.

To apply, request a Nomination Report Individual Product from your organizational training manager by March 5. The NOMRIP is an abbreviated form of your career brief, and has space to identify your goal statement, and include your supervisor's recommendation.

All packages will be processed by the organizational training manager, endorsed at directorate (or wing) level and submitted to 72 MSS/DPT by March 27. Classes will begin in May.

Any questions about the application process should be directed to your organizational training manager. Questions about the program should be directed to your Tinker human resources specialist at 739-7537.