Environmental Issues

The Air Force is committed to preserving and protecting the natural environment. The 72nd Civil Engineering Directorate, Environmental Management Branch serves as program manager for Tinker's environmental matters with support from the Air Force Civil Engineer Center. The EM branch manages Tinker's restoration, compliance, sustainability, and National Environmental Policy Act programs. As the Air Force's environmental "operators," they provide environmental technical expertise, support, and consultation services for the installation. Serving as the local focal point and spokesperson for Tinker's environmental matters with regulatory agencies, other governmental units and civic leaders, EM develops and implements local policies and procedures that ensure base-wide compliance with environmental requirements, the conservation of natural and cultural resources, the implementation of pollution prevention investments and the completion of restoration actions.



  • Air Quality
  • Asbestos
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Installation Restoration
  • Lead NEPA / EIAP
  • Natural / Cultural Resources
  • PCB
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Solid Waste
  • Spill Response
  • Storage Tanks
  • Water Quality - NPDES & SW

Special Interest


  • Community Relations Plan 
  • Air Installation Compatible Use Zone Study
  • Restoration Advisory Board
    • Tinker AFB Restoration Advisory Board meets semi-annually at the Midwest City Public Library located at 8143 East Reno, Midwest City, OK 73110 l to keep the public apprised of environmental activities, project milestones and new technology used to remediate contamination.
    • The RAB is comprised of community members functioning as an advisory body that facilitates the open exchange of information between Air Force installations and local residents concerning restoration activities was formed to enhance the Base's community outreach efforts.
    • The RAB is an advisory body designed to act as a focal point for the exchange of information between Tinker AFB and the local community. It brings together a diverse coalition of community members who reflect the interests within the local community, enabling early and continued two-way flow of information, concerns, values, and needs between the affected community and the base.
  • Tinker AFB Information Repository
    • An information repository has been established at the Midwest City Public Library located at 8143 East Reno, Midwest City, OK 73110 and the Tinker AFB Office of Environmental Management, Building 1.
    • The information repository houses technical and site reports, the Management Action Plan, the Community Relations Plan, fact sheets and other pertinent information regarding the Base's Installation Restoration Program, Compliance Restoration Plan and other restoration activities.
    • The information repository receives updated documents and reports as they become available. News briefs are periodically placed in the Base and local newspapers announcing the availability of documents housed in the information repository.
    • All environmental restoration documents are housed at the Tinker AFB, Environmental Restoration Library. Relevant documents for public viewing as part of the administrative record are made available at the Midwest City, Oklahoma, Public Library.


Public Notices

Land Acquisition for Tinker AFB Peaking Plant
Land Acquisition for a Peaking Plant, Tinker AFB, OK FONSI
Land Acquisition for Tinker AFB Peaking Plant Environmental Assessment
B-21 Raider
B-21 Maintenance Depot Draft FONSI
B-21 Tinker AFB Draft EA
B-21 Tinker AFB Draft EA Appendices


Air Force Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan
INRMP 2024 Final
Tab 1-- GI Plan 2024 Final
Tab 2-- GEM Plan 2024 Final
Tab 2-- GEM Attach 1 (Maps) 2024 Final 
Tab 2-- GEM Attach 2 (GEM Map) 2024 Final
Tab 8-- Appendix A_Methods
​Tab 8-- Appendix B_Climate
Tab 8-- Appendix C_Hydrology
Tab 8-- Appendix D_Ecosystem
App A-- Key Legislation 2024 Final
App B-- NR Annual Report 2024 Final
​App C-- Flora 2024 Final
​App E-- Native Landscaping Plant List 2024 Final
​App F-- Mitigation Action Tracker 2024 Final
​App G-- Urb For Mgt Proc 2024 Final
​App H-- USDA Wildfire Services MOU
App H-- Great Plains CESU_OU Coop Agreement 2018
App H-- Great Rivers CESU Coop Agreement
​App H-- Great Rivers Task Agreement
​App H-- Bird_MOU_DelCity
​App H-- Fish and Wildfire Coop Agreement
​App H-- Land Conservation Coop Agreement
​App H-- Outdoor Recreation Coop Agreement
​App H-- Tinker _BBC MOU Grounds Maintenance
App H-- Aircraft Wildfire Strikes MOA
App H-- Great Plains CESU OU Thl 2021
​App H-- USDA Wildfire Services MOU 2021
​App I-- IPAC Report _TAFB_Sept 2022
​App I-- Sensitive Species Table 2022 Final
​App J-- NR Equipment Supply Inventory 2022 Final