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MS Office upgrade ‘surprise’ can be avoided


It’s possible that the Air Force’s upgrade this month from Microsoft Office 2010 to MS Office 2013 could surprise users with a two or three hour upgrade process in the middle of the workday, but there’s a way to avoid this inconvenience.


Air Force Space Command has directed all Air Force Network-connected computer users to upgrade to Office 2013. If you don’t have Office 2013 installed on your computer, the process will involve a pop-up prompt to start the installation, which could happen at any time during the duty day, said Michael Bentley, information technology specialist with the 72nd Air Base Wing Communications Directorate.


Mr. Bentley stated the interruption can be avoided with a little self-help.


“A user can wait for the automated installation to occur, or start the install immediately on their own utilizing the Run Advertised Program feature in Windows,” Mr. Bentley said. “It still takes the same amount of time for the installation, but it can be planned at your convenience.”


To do that, network users should follow these easy steps:


- Click the Start button.


- Click on “Control Panel.”


- Click the “Run Advertised Programs” or “Run Advertised Programs (32-bit)” icon.


- Under the “Program Name” column, scroll and click on the program that begins with “MTO 2015-219-001 Office 2013 SP1/MS15-044” click the “Run” button. Follow prompts as directed.


- If you do not see the “MTO 2015-219-001 … ” name in Run Advertised Programs, you can wait for the automated install process to complete or contact the Help Desk at 734-HELP (4357).


Mr. Bentley said the installation will begin with a download that should take an hour or less to finish, if there are no glitches. Users should ignore any estimated download time that is listed. Users could be prompted several times to restart their computers and should do so each time.


To learn about MS Office 2013 and its new features, Tinker personnel should go to the internal Tinker home page at https://wwwmil.tinker.af.mil; hover over “PC & Network Support” at the bottom of the main banner; and select “Tier Zero” in the dropdown menu to find an “Office 2013 Tips & Guide.”


Over the next 30 days, Tinker computers without MS Office 2013 or an approved exemption will receive the update. If you believe you require exemption from the MS Office 2013 deployment, please email the Tinker Communications Focal Point at Tinker.CFP@us.af.mil for additional information.


Below are a few tips to aid in ensuring a successful install:


- Do not try to stop or interrupt the installation once it has begun. Doing so will corrupt the install, making all MS Office products non-functioning. 


▪ Reboot (“Restart,” not shutdown) your computer at the end of each day unless the install is running.


▪ Closing all programs before the installation begins is recommended.


▪ During installation, if MS Office prompts for Common Access Card Personal Identification Number (PIN), DO NOT ENTER YOUR PIN. Close out of the prompt.


▪ You may be prompted three times to restart computer. Restart each time.


Do not open ANY Office products during installation.


▪ “Skype for Business” replaces Lync for instant messaging. Upon opening Skype the first time, Skype may prompt users to “Restart now.” Select restart. This only restarts Skype.


Should you experience any difficulties resulting from this upgrade, contact the Tinker Communications Focal Point, 734-HELP (734-4357).