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Gott Gate closes Jan. 12, Pegasus Gate opens Jan. 16


A new gate will bring changes to Tinker Air Force Base when it opens Jan. 16.  New stop signs have been installed on Perimeter Road, which will initiate a new flow of traffic. Inbound gate traffic will have the right-of-way, making what is currently thru-traffic, stop. These changes come as a result of the upcoming gate construction project which kicks off Jan. 12.

The Pegasus Gate will serve as a temporary gate for the duration of a construction project expected to last three years. Four gates on the installation are receiving upgrades that will increase the level of security, most noticeably through the implementation of serpentine “s curves.”

Personal vehicles will be able to access the Pegasus Gate from South Air Depot Boulevard, just a quarter mile south of the Gott Gate. A traffic light will be installed as well as signage to designate the new gate’s location. Allowing for one lane inbound and one lane outbound, the new gate will include a guard shack and facilities for the defenders.

Vehicles will be able to access parking to Bldg. 9001 from three different routes, while separate routes will lead to Patrol Road and Reserve Road. Signs will be located throughout the installation detailing alternate routes during the construction period, and base officials are encouraging Team Tinker to plan ahead and figure out the route that best suits their new commute.

The Pegasus Gate will maintain operating hours Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., resuming the duties of the Gott Gate, which is the first of four gates to receive a facelift. Gott Gate will close at 5:30 p.m Jan. 12.

For more information, visit www.tinker.af.mil/home/construction-zone, or email 72ABW.Tinker.ConstructionZone@us.af.mil.