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June is men’s health month

Set goals and conquer them every day. During Men’s Health Month in June, cross “start quitting tobacco” off your goals list.

Quit tobacco for your sex life. The hard truth is that tobacco use can cause trouble in the bedroom for men as young as 20 years old. The good news? Once you quit tobacco, the harmful chemicals that cause erectile dysfunction leave your body in just a matter of weeks!

Go tobacco-free for your family. Thinking of having kids in the future? Keep in mind that tobacco can damage your sperm which could cause genetic defects or make it harder for you and your partner to get pregnant.

Do it for the extra cash. Buying one pack of cigarettes or pods may not seem pricey, but have you added it all up? Use the savings calculator found at www.ycq2.org/savings-calculator to see how much you’ll save by putting down cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or e-cigs. Then make a list of all the summer trips and outdoor activities you’d use this extra cash for!

Quitting tobacco helps your body heal. There is nothing more important than your body. It is your tool to make a living. Tobacco use slows down healing and increases risk of infection when you are injured, but quitting can help. Protect your body by quitting tobacco.

Learn more about how to quit tobacco at www.ycq2.org/how-to-quit-tobacco and be empowered to live tobacco-free.

For local support including individual tobacco treatment consults for military members, quit smoking kits and a tobacco-free/nicotine-free alternative to smokeless tobacco, contact Laura Crowder at 734-5506 or email laura.a.crowder4.civ@mail.mil.