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Inclusion key to supporting a multi-generational workforce

As Airmen today, we collaborate with a workforce combined of a range of ages. As more boomers work past retirement age and as tech-savvy millennials and Gen Zs continue to graduate and enter the workforce, the stark differences in the values, communication styles and work habits of each generation are becoming increasingly pronounced. Every Airman comes into the office with different life experiences, perspectives and views, which is valuable to the Air Force.

Different generations tend to value different communication styles, team structures and job perks. Understanding what people value and what motivates them makes it much easier to communicate job expectations, offer the right type of support or even make adjustments that will better suit a team’s performance.

Inclusion is a call to action within the workforce that means actively involving every Airman’s ideas, knowledge, perspectives, approaches and styles to maximize success. In essence, inclusion is the act of capitalizing on all these diverse traits to contribute to our Air Force Materiel Command mission. Every voice is an important voice. Because the workforce is a melting pot of generational cohorts, organizations must acknowledge that the unique perspectives of employees from various generations and backgrounds can add significant value to the work environment. Having employees feel included not only refers to breaking down differences in ethnicity, sex or background, but also in generational gaps. Whether born in 1950 or 1980, when people are included at work, they are more productive and engaged to support the mission.

For more information or questions about diversity in the workplace at Tinker Air Force Base, contact Leslie Maune, 72nd Force Support Squadron, Tinker Diversity and Inclusion POC at 582-9941.