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Daily Update: 2 April 2020

Update from the Installation Commander

Update from the Installation Commander

Team Tinker, 

For 2 April, Tinker AFB remains in HPCON Charlie due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Newly confirmed cases include:  a 76 CMXG member from Bldg 9001 who has been in quarantine since 19 March, a Propulsion Directorate (LCMC) member from Bldg 3001 quarantined since 25 March, a 76 CMXG member from 9001 quarantined since 17 March, and an AFSC/PK member from Bldg 3 quarantined since 19 March.   The 72nd Medical Group public health officials are actively tracing all recent movements and contacts in conjunction with affected units and local health authorities. Anyone considered to have been exposed to increased risk will be contacted directly. Those who believe they may have been exposed can contact the 24 hour COVID-19 Hotline: 405-582-6297.


Yesterday, military service and family members were able to participate in a conference call with President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to address our military community on the status of the coronavirus and the economic recovery signed into law last Friday, which will deliver urgently needed relief to our nation's families, including our military families. 

Over the last several days, the exchange, commissaries and shoppette have begun setting up Plexiglas in front of the registers. To maintain social distancing between you and the workers, please respect and abide by these barriers.    

To clear up any confusion, in order to protect operational security as we preserve the nation’s combat readiness, the Dept. of the Air Force and the other military services will only provide total numbers of service members with COVID-19 at the service level. We will give updates as they occur in new locations around base, but we will not be keeping a total tally. The Department of Defense will continue to offer a public daily update of the full number of cases in all services and of civilians, contractors and dependents found here https://www.defense.gov/Explore/Spotlight/Coronavirus/

REMINDER: For those who believe they may have been exposed can contact the 24 hour COVID-19 Hotline: 405-582-6297. If you have been exposed to the coronavirus, do NOT come to the base. Return home and contact your Primary Care Doctor or the hotline. To keep safe as possible, please limit any travel to just work, groceries, medical, and outdoor exercise like running, biking and calisthenics.