OC-ALC training program nomination window opens Aug. 9

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  • Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex

Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex employees looking for educational opportunities in Production and Operations Management will soon have the opportunity to apply.

The call for nominees to attend Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s OC-ALC Production and Operations Management training program will be open from Aug. 9-30, 2021.  Classes are slated to begin January 2022.

In its sixth year being offered to complex employees, the two year POM Program is a voluntary, competitive training program that allows OC-ALC maintenance professionals to acquire knowledge and skills that emphasize Production and Operational management, including operations research; expertise that leads to more efficient work output. A bachelor’s degree may be attained as a byproduct of completing POM coursework.

The OC-ALC POM Program pays 100 percent tuition costs to competitively selected individuals who agree to continue Air Force service by completing a planned, systematic, coordinated program of coursework that may lead to a bachelor’s degree. The training program addresses current and/or future corporate shaping and development strategies and goals.

Participants selected for the program will be required to have an associates of Science or Arts degree or equivalent hours of college credit (approximately 62-64 transferrable credit hours); be a full time employee of Tinker AFB, assigned to OC-ALC in a CSAG-M funded position with two years of service. This program is not open to personnel who have already earned a bachelor’s degree.  OC-ALC GS and FWS employees are highly encouraged to apply.

Additional selection criteria include:

  • Degree Review from SEOSU
  • Points for GPA
  • Employee written statement; supervisor rating on competencies (teamwork, communications, organizational skills, customer focus, initiative, problem solving)
  • Organizational recommendation
  • Finalist interview

Interested employees are encouraged to contact their group training managers or Dr. Wynell Neece, POM Program point of contact, at 405-734-3300 for additional information and to obtain application packet information and instructions.