Behind-the-scenes video of Air Force Uniform Office

  • Published
  • By Allyson B. Crawford, AFLCMC Public Affairs

“We essentially have responsibility from cradle to grave for every uniform used by the Air Force and new Space Force,” explains Tracy Roan, Chief of the Air Force Uniform Office, part of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.
A consistent look across Airmen is the goal of the Uniform Office. Clothing designers take quality control very seriously and ensure that new uniforms issued today match ones from a decade ago. This attention to detail keeps the Air Force brand strong.
Designers use Adobe Illustrator to sketch out uniform tweaks and new ideas. These professionals also review fabric and thread for quality and consistency. The end goal is to account for the unique sizes and shapes of every Airman and Guardian – and make sure each individual looks the same. This means finding a flattering fit for both men and women while also providing ultimate function in each garment.
Have some thoughts on your current uniform? The designers of AFLCMC Uniform Office are listening!
“User feedback is the number one way to improve our process,” says Roan.
Current Airmen and Guardians are used as models to test new and updated designs. This is especially true for female garments and those used during pregnancy.
The video below gives an inside look at the Air Force Uniform Office in action.