‘You got here first!’ Tinker reduces reserved parking spots

  • Published
  • By Paul Shirk
  • 72nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs

Shoppers visiting Tinker Air Force Base’s Exchange and Commissary will now have an easier time finding a parking space, especially junior enlisted Airmen.

Col. G. Hall Sebren Jr., 72nd Air Base Wing commander, directed that reserved parking spaces for senior leaders be reduced and dedicated spaces for junior enlisted Airmen be added.

Base facilities such as the Commissary and Exchange normally have reserved parking spots that are assigned to senior leaders such as chief master sergeants, colonels and general officers.

The newly created spots are assigned to ranks E1 to E4, airman basic to senior airman. Some of the previously reserved spaces are also are being returned to regular shoppers. Reserved spaces for alert vehicles, honor guard and maternity will remain.

The realignment also moves Gold Star Family Member spaces to more prominent positions.

Regular shoppers will also benefit as previously reserved parking is returned to general use. The now open parking spots will feature motivational messages such as “You got here first;” “Have a Nice Day;” “You’re Awesome” and “Fly, Fight, Win!”

The parking realignment is already underway, with the final signs to be installed in the coming weeks.