OC-ALC celebrates energy management excellence

  • Published
  • By Carter Denton

The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex celebrated its energy management recertification during a ceremony held here Oct. 31.

The International Organization for Standardization, a nongovernmental group composed of 162 national standards bodies, sets the ISO 50001 certification standards for energy management practices that are employed extensively by large private sector companies.

“This is the second recertification of our energy management system, and it confirms that we have a mature and productive system,” said Paul Victorian, director of the 76th Maintenance Support Group.

In 2017, the OC-ALC became the first U.S. government organization to be certified to ISO 50001. It was also the first time an ISO 50001 certification was integrated with an Energy Savings Performance Contract.

“The benefit [of the ESPC] is that it better connects the government operations with the investments and guaranteed savings that the contractor is bringing to the table,” said Joseph Cecrle, OC-ALC energy manager. “That partnership is better enabling communication and collaboration by providing a common perspective and shared goals.”

Tinker AFB was the largest energy consumer in the Air Force in 2012. With the help of an ESPC team ensuring ISO 50001 compliance, and the support of base civil engineering, Tinker has since dropped to sixth place. This decrease happened while the OC-ALC’s workload increased.

“The OC-ALC uses more than half the energy for all of Tinker,” Cecrle said. “This effort and partnerships have enabled the OC-ALC to dramatically reduce our energy consumption and in turn have enabled Tinker to dramatically improve energy performance.”

Since 2015, the OC-ALC has reduced their energy consumption by over 30% and saved the Air Force an estimated $8.3 million a year in energy costs.

“Our ISO 50001 energy management system is a remarkable achievement that demonstrates our commitment to excellence, innovation and sustainability,” said Col. Jeffrey Anderson, the deputy commander of the OC-ALC. “Together, we can make a difference for our organization, our nation and our planet.”

The OC-ALC is the largest aerospace Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul unit in the Department of Defense with a team of over 9,300 military and civilian professionals delivering combat ready air power for America.