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2010 WAPS catalog and CDC released

TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- The Weighted Airman Promotion System Catalog is published each year and is available to all personnel as a study reference guide for promotion testing. It lists all study materials for the upcoming promotion test cycles. It is very important for members to review the catalog to ensure they have the current materials available.

The catalog is available online at https://www.omsq.af.mil/TE/WAPSCat.pdf.

Career Development Courses should arrive within eight weeks after the Sept. 30 shipment from Air University headquarters. Airmen who have not received their CDC materials by Nov. 25 must contact their unit WAPs monitors for assistance in obtaining a replacement set. If you know you moved, or will move, units during this distribution timeframe, contact your losing unit first before visiting your current unit WAPs monitor.

Failure to follow up in a timely manner (before the start of the testing cycle) will require justification through the unit commander explaining the reason why the Airman did not follow up. Airmen without valid justification will be required to purchase replacement material at their own expense for $20.

Responsibilities for eligible Airmen include:
· Knowing when they are eligible for promotion
· Knowing testing requirements
· Personally reviewing the WAPs Catalog to identify reference requirements
· Promptly (before the start of the testing cycle) contacting their unit WAPs monitor when WAPs CDCs are not received or are incorrect as mentioned above
· Maintaining the issued material until it is superceded or no longer needed, fully justifying their request to the unit commander for re-issue if no follow-up action is taken on non-receipt or not maintaining previously issued material
· Ensuring they receive at least 60 days access to the required references
· Being prepared to test on the first day of the cycle Testing dates are:
· Senior master sergeant, Dec. 1-11
· Master sergeant, Feb. 1-March 31
· Technical sergeant, Feb. 1-March 31
· Staff sergeant, May 1-June 15
·Chief master sergeant TBD- Sept. 2010

For more information if your unit WAPs monitor is not available, contact the testing office at 739-2970.