Local says thanks to military good samaritans

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Dear editor,

I'm writing this letter to thank two fine military members for their help during the recent blizzard.

I was amidst those stranded on Broadway Extension between Memorial and 33rd Street on Christmas Eve. Anthony, a young Air Force major, appearing out of the snow and darkness, suggested driving me home after it became apparent we couldn't extract my car.

With a four-wheel drive vehicle and experience from South Dakotan winters, Anthony had left the warmth and festivity of his home and young family to free friends from the snow, but stayed long after aiding strangers. His actions, conversation and impressions revealed an intelligent, brave, family-oriented, caring Airman. He would not even take money for gas!

On Christmas Day, I was hitching a ride to my abandoned car when a member of the National Guard and his daughter stopped on 15th Street and offered me a ride. I only requested a ride to Broadway. Obviously going to a Christmas gathering, Matt -- who was nicely dressed and wearing dress boots -- not only drove me to my car, but proceeded to shovel snow away from it. He was rewarded by getting splashed by a passing blade truck.

Both men seized initiative and responsibility and sacrificed selflessly and generously some of their precious holiday time. They modeled behavior that makes us all proud of our military. To two men with old-fashioned good character and "genuine manliness," thank you for your help to a stranger and for your service to our country.
-- Beverly Woodrome