Combined Federal Campaign: Tinker has history of record-breaking giving

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Loren Reno
  • Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center Commander
I'm proud to have this opportunity to address the upcoming 2007 Combined Federal Campaign.
   One of the top priorities of the Air Force is caring for our Airmen and their families. By fulfilling this promise, we all become stronger ... as a service, as a nation and as individuals. We can show that same spirit of dedication and service before self by giving to the Combined Federal Campaign.
   Our campaign will run from Oct. 3 through Nov. 16. During this time, we all will be given the opportunity to help those in need. Perhaps you want to help families whose lives have been torn apart by a natural disaster ... maybe it's to help in fighting disease, protecting our environment or improving the quality of life for people living with disabilities. We can do all of these things and much more by contributing to the Combined Federal Campaign. If we all gave something, no matter how small -- the cost of a soda or two a week ... think of the difference we, here at Tinker could make in the lives of those in need. The choice is ours.
   There are approximately 1,800 local, national or international charities from which to choose. As the only charitable program permitted to conduct on-the-job solicitation, they make it as easy as possible to give. Through payroll deduction, we can conveniently distribute our contributions throughout the year and track them for tax purposes.
   Last year, the central Oklahoma Combined Federal Campaign received more than $3 million in contributions. The Tinker campaign, which includes Tinker and all central Oklahoma Department of Defense agencies, contributed more than $1.7 million to that amount. What an amazing accomplishment!
   We have shown our commitment to caring for others with a history of successful and record-breaking campaigns. My challenge to you this year is to continue these traditions.
   Life is uncertain ... none of us knows what challenges we will encounter in the future. A twist of fate could see any one of us turning to the Combined Federal Campaign for help. The lives of many in our community, our nation, and our world depend on our gifts.
   I hope you join me and become a part of the miracle of sharing and caring in others lives. This cause is close to my heart ... I hope it is for you, too. This is the ultimate in team work! When we give, we all win. Thank you for your service to America.