Bowling center holds championship tournament

  • Published
  • By Mike W. Ray
  • Tinker Public Affairs
Curtis Vincent won his fourth bowling title at Tinker when he received the first-place trophy in the Base Championship Tournament last weekend. Vincent, an F108 jet engine mechanic in the 546th Propulsion Maintenance Squadron, won the men's division of the two-day tournament, "and this is the one I've been trying hardest to win," he said later.

Scott Bagensie placed second in the tournament; John Servantes, third; Chris Sweet, fourth; and Ron Vardaman, fifth. According to Brett Moler, general manager of the bowling center, James Cantere bowled two perfect "300" games and an "801" series on the first day of the two-day tournament.

Celene Brewbaker was the winner in the women's division of the tournament, Donna Warden placed second, and Rhonda Wright came in third.

Both 2013 winners placed second in the 2012 tournament.

This year's tournament attracted 25 bowlers, which included 22 men and three women. Besides those already mentioned, others who participated were David Vardaman, Curtis Williams, Jason Baer, William Davis, C.J. Norden, George Maxwell, Jim Wyckoff, Glen Banister, Richard Pretlow, Stephen Kelley, Jody Dixon, Jeff Gates, Jason Uncangco, Lam Nguyen, Paul Brewbaker III, and Moler.