That's how they roll: tourney winners

  • Published
  • By Mike W. Ray
  • Tinker Public Affairs
A 20-game, 9-pin no-tap tournament at the Tinker Bowling Center attracted 27 hardy souls, pitted family against family in a holiday contest, and lasted almost eight hours.
The Dec. 28 marathon started at 6:15 p.m. and ended at 2 a.m.

"We had lots of blisters and sore arms, but everyone had a great time," said Brett Moler, bowling center general manager.

The endurance contest was won by James Cantere, who amassed a series score of 5,369 pins. Cantere rolled a pair of back-to-back perfect games of 300 (Games 3-4 and 16-17), plus a 298 (Game 19) and a 296. His lowest score was 210 and his per-game average was 268.45.

Trailing by 176 pins was Matthew Brewbaker, who captured second place with a combined score of 5,193. Brewbaker, too, had four perfect games (including Game 20), along with two games of 278 (Games 14 and 19) plus a 277. His lowest score was 223 and his overall average score was 259.65.

Wesley Everitt came in third with a series score of 5,040. He had one perfect 300 game and a 298, and his lowest score was 201. His average score over the 20-game series was 252.

Fourth, fifth and sixth places were separated by a mere 12 pins.

Curtis Vincent took fourth place with a series score of 4,989. He had two perfect games, along with a 288 and a 280, as well as a low score of 170. His per-game average score was 249.45.

Paul Brewbaker III, Matthew's father, came in fifth with a series score of 4,979. He had three perfect games (Games 14, 16 and 19) and rolled a 298, as well; his lowest score was 155. The senior Brewbaker compiled a per-game average score of 248.95.

Jason Baer placed sixth with 4,977 pins. He had two 300 games (Games 7 and 19) and his lowest score was 201; his 20-game average score was 248.85.

Other contestants were Ron Baer, Chris Sweet, David Vardaman Jr., David Vardaman, Ron Vardaman, Josh Plunk, Justin Plunk, David Howells, Daniel Wexstaff, David Franzoni Jr., Milo Cotledge, Daniel Stimpfel, Krysie Stimpfel, Kayel Stimpfel, George Maxwell, Dustin Cantley, Patrick Smith, Celene Brewbaker, Brian Warnock and Diana Thompson.

Chris Kennerly, a bowler for 34 years, also entered the competition but dropped out after 16 games. "My knee was about to fall off," he quipped later. "I hurt for three days afterward." In addition, he developed a blister on his bowling thumb. Although he bowed out early, Kennerly's combined score was higher than those of six other bowlers who went the distance.

In a 9-pin no-tap tournament, knocking down nine pins counts the same as a 10-pin strike.

Everitt, a production material technician on the TF33 engine line, is registered to participate in the 56th annual Military Bowling Championships scheduled Jan. 20-24 in Las Vegas.