Med Group wins overall base softball championship

  • Published
  • By Brandice J. O'Brien
  • Tinker Public Affairs
And just like that, the game was over and there was a new overall intramural softball champion. The 72nd Med Group, civilian intramural softball team champions, beat the Thumpers, the military intramural softball team champions.

The med group won 21-7 in four innings on Aug. 30 at Championship Field.
"We came out of the losers' bracket and double dipped last year's champion, the Swingers. We had great hitting and run-ruled them twice," said Mike McCabe, Med Group coach and player. "We kept the hitting going today and run-ruled to win today."

The Thumpers also rose from the losers' bracket to play in the overall championships. On Aug. 29, they had swept the 34th Combat Communications Group twice.

The game began relatively slow with the med group first up to bat. They scored one run before striking out. Thumpers scored three runs.

Med group runs picked up in the second inning when Rodney Lewis hit two in-park homeruns and Cody Brooks hit a traditional over-the-fence homerun. Nine runners came home. The Thumpers scored one run when Mike Rosenthal hit an in-park homerun. Med group led 10 to 4.

In the top of the third, Thomas Cheek scored an in-park homerun for the med group, which brought home three runners. Brooks scored another homerun, as did Lewis, but Lewis' home was deemed an out as the team had already scored their allotment of homeruns. Five medics crossed home plate.

The Thumpers scored three runs in the third inning; two were compliments of a home run. Med Group remained in the lead 15 to 7.

In the fourth and final inning, med group scored six runs, three of which occurred when McCabe hit an in-park homerun. The Thumpers struck out. Med group won 21-7.