Fourth of July safety tips

  • Published
  • By 72nd Air Base Wing
  • Safety Office
It is time to celebrate our independence. The Fourth of July is a great time to grill out, enjoy fireworks and just generally relax and have fun. You don't want to interrupt all the fun with a trip to the emergency room (or other bad memories), so keep these tips in mind while you celebrate:

Travelling - For long distances or just to the neighborhood park.
· USE Risk Management when planning your travel. Identify the hazards (risk factors); assess the risk; analyze risk control measures; make control decisions and implement risk controls; review
· ENSURE someone knows where you are going and what time you are to arrive.
· BE AWARE that cell phones may not work in every location.

· DO NOT drive if your "celebration" has included alcohol. You don't want your "fun" decision to have permanent consequences for yourself or others. That is not how you want to remember your holiday!

Fireworks -- The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a fireworks display. It's a fun and safe way to enjoy the holiday.

If you are going to use fireworks off base:
· READ all the instructions.
· BE AWARE: Sparklers burn at 1200 degrees (Glass melts at 900 degrees)
· DO NOT use around dry or wooded areas.
· ENSURE water is available to put out any small fires.
· NEVER point fireworks at people or buildings.
Grilling -- Grills don't cause accidents, people do!

BEFORE you start grilling:
· Check to see if there are any BURN BANS for your area.
· Use starter fluid (NEVER gasoline) to light the charcoals.
· Check the propane tank to ensure there are no leaks.
· AFTER you are through cooking
· Shut off the propane tank valve as soon as you are through cooking.
· If using charcoals, be sure and soak them in water.
REMEMBER: You play a vital part in supporting our warfighter, so plan a safe Fourth of July!