Army beats Navy in doubleheader

  • Published
  • By Brandice J. O'Brien
  • Tinker Public Affairs
Maybe softball isn't the Navy's game.

On Aug. 1 at Field 1, Army Strong destroyed VQ-3 in a doubleheader. They won the first game 18-8 and 13-0 in the second.

With very little shade in 100-plus degree heat, Army took to the field, allowing VQ-3 to score three runs. At their turn at bat, one player yelled, "Let's get 10, let's get 10, let's get 10!" Army came close, scoring nine runs, including an over-the-fence and in-park homerun that brought four players around the bases.

With Army leading 9-3, the game went to the second inning where VQ-3 struck out and Army gained five more runs.

Maybe the Navy wasn't entirely to blame for the Army's noticeable lead. They were down a player and with only nine batting, the 10th spot counted as an automatic out. Despite the disadvantage, Navy didn't quit.

In the third inning with the score at 14-3 Army, VQ-3 scored a single run. Army got three.
In the fourth inning, Army dropped the ball - a lot, allowing VQ-3 to gain four runs. With the score looming at 17-8 Army, Army needed just one run to secure the win. With two outs, they did it and won 18-8.

Game two began minutes later and looked better -- not great -- for Navy.
With Army first up to bat, they scored five runs. Navy struck out. When up to bat again, Army scored a single run and again, Navy struck out.

The pattern of Army gaining one run per inning and VQ-3 striking out, continued through the fourth inning.

With the score at 8-0 at the top of the fifth inning, Army scored a five runs and Navy needed six runs to stay afloat. But, it wasn't meant to be. Army struck Navy out in three batters, winning the game 13-0.