Force Support Sustainment Flight is customer driven, ‘behind the scenes’

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  • By Brandice J. Armstrong
  • Brandice J. Armstrong
Your wellbeing is their first priority. And, they work around the clock managing the base's lodging, fitness, dining facilities and Honor Guard to meet your satisfaction. "They" are the 172 personnel in the 72nd Force Support Squadron's Sustainment Services Flight.

Spread throughout the base, the unit is responsible for four fitness centers, at least nine dining facilities and the Indian Hills Inn.

"Personnel work extremely hard every day to provide first-rate service for any customer who walks through that door," said Capt. Christina Reyes, acting flight chief. "What they do for the customer on a day-to-day basis behind the scenes is just phenomenal."

Primarily comprised of civilians, contractors and military officers, the unit is limiting the number of enlisted personnel as a result of command drawdown. Maj. Isobelle Mahoney, acting 72nd FSS director, said there are still several enlisted members working in the sustainment services flight at other bases, primarily war-ready installations, but not a sustainment bases, including Tinker.

With no such thing as an "average day," the flight personnel work to satisfy customers' needs and improve their services; often by fulfilling customers' requests. Captain Reyes said in the upcoming weeks, Wi-Fi will be added to inn rooms. Within the Gerrity Fitness and Sports Center, two spin bicycles and a rowing machine were recently added. The average daily operating expense is $10,200.

"In services, we have the flexibility to shoot for the moon and get creative, and think completely outside-of-the-box and try to experiment in different directions," Captain Reyes said.

The flight's efforts have paid off. In recent years, the flight has won several Air Force Materiel Command-level awards.

Major Mahoney said the flight has won a gold plate for best food service in the command and gold keys for best lodging in the command.

"There's a lot of behind-the-scenes work that makes their jobs look easy," she said.