UPARs help get story out

  • Published
  • By Maj. Angela O'Connell
  • Tinker Public Affairs
It's Friday morning and you've just picked up the latest Tinker Take Off only to see that your unit isn't in the paper, yet again.

You know for a fact that Airman Jones just saved a woman from choking at a local restaurant last week or your best friend in the unit designed an aircraft part that will save the Air Force millions of dollars.

What is the public affairs office doing? How do you get your unit highlighted?

Good question. The public affairs office provides an excellent opportunity for you to honor your unit and its members. It is called the Unit Public Affairs Representative program. This program allows unit members to write, take photos and even simply give the PA office tips on things your unit is doing. Who better to write about a unit than its members?

Once an individual is identified by their commander as a UPAR, the PA office offers an extensive training program to help UPARs succeed. Even beyond the training, the PA staff is available to assist in any way possible.

Telling the Air Force story is an all-encompassing effort. The goal of the PA office is to ensure your unit is well represented through the UPAR program. It is a chance to let not only the base audience but also the local community know what your unit has accomplished.

If you are interested in being a UPAR, contact your supervisor. In the meantime, feel free to contact Public Affairs at 739-5780 with possible story or photo idea. Don't let a great story about you, your unit or its members pass by unnoticed.