How can the School Liaison Officer help?

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  • By 72nd Air Base Wing
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The average military family moves six to nine times over a 20-year career. This does not include the additional school moves that occur as children transition between elementary, middle and high school. With each move, military children face many school-related challenges. The School Liaison Officer coordinates and assists military and Department of Defense civilian parents of school-age children with information and resources necessary to succeed in an academic environment.

The School Liaison is the central point of contact for school-related matters between commanders, military families and local school systems. By developing and coordinating proactive partnerships, we are able to identify barriers to academic success and aid families, as well as schools, in developing solutions to benefit our military children.

Services for military families include:
· Tailored assistance during relocation
· Information on school choice (public, private, charter, virtual and homeschool)
· Support during deployments
· Resources for special education needs
· Resources to support learning and development (tutors, youth activities, college prep, etc.)
· Assistance with overall challenges of a mobile military lifestyle such as inconsistent educational requirements

The School Liaison is also the source for information on the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, of which Oklahoma is a member. Under this agreement, measures are put in place to address enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility, and graduation requirements for active duty military children.

In addition to these services, the School Liaison is providing outreach to local schools by offering trainings and briefings that address the key educational challenges for military children. Mostly, we like to highlight their incredible strengths and resilience skills as they face these challenges and continue to succeed.

For more information about how the School Liaison can assist your family, call Heather Wojciuch, School Liaison Officer, at 734-3683.