OC-ALC Strategic Plan: 'Exceeding Customer Expectations'

  • Published
  • By Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex
  • Strategic Plan Team
The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex Strategic Plan guides personnel to focus on activities that will enable them to be successful today and into the future. The Strategic Plan does this by focusing on three major priority areas:

· Developing and Caring for Our People,
· Exceeding Customer Expectations, and
· Capturing Tomorrow's Business.

This article will be taking a high-level look at "Exceeding Customer Expectations."

The overall success of any business is heavily dependent upon its ability to meet and surpass the customer's expectations. If those expectations are not met, the customer may be inclined to take their business elsewhere. This has never been truer than in today's fiscally challenging environment. Businesses have the responsibility to not only deliver a great quality product, but also to do so in the most cost effective manner.

This also holds true within the OC-ALC. The complex has long been the depot of choice, with its quality and cost being second to none. However, as personnel look toward the future, they would be wise to realize that their customer's needs are going to require more of them in terms of speed and savings to remain the premier source of repair.
This is where "Exceeding Customer Expectations" plays in. This priority's main focus is on the reduction of cycle time, total cost savings, smart use of space and improving our supply chain. By actively seeking to refine and better our processes, exploiting cost savings to poise the complex as the best value for its customer's needs and streamlining the supply chain, this priority ensures its viability for generations to come.

In the coming weeks, the OC-ALC team will begin to unpack the individual objectives that reside within this priority. Their hope is that this will begin to give greater insight into how each person can begin to "Find Your Fit" in the Strategic Plan and enable the OC-ALC to continue to achieve the "Art of the Possible."