Great American Smokeout: ‘One day’ starts today

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  • By 72nd Medical Group
  • Health and Wellness Center
How many times have you started a sentence with "One day...?" "One day I'll go back to school." "One day I'll take that vacation." "One day I'll run a marathon." Or how about, "One day I'll quit smoking." It's time to turn that "one day" into today!

Join the Health and Wellness Center and Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud for the Great American Smokeout on Nov. 21 and make it THE day you don't use tobacco. Become one of the millions of smokers nationwide who put down their lighters and smokes to be tobacco-free for 24-hours.

If you're thinking about quitting tobacco, but still not sure you're ready to take on that non-smoker title, GASO is the perfect time to see what it's like to not smoke for one day. You survived basic training, right? You can definitely go 24 hours without tobacco! But being prepared will make Nov. 21 a lot easier. Sign up today for SmokefreeMIL, a free 24/7 text messaging program that provides quit support right to your phone. Also, check out the timeline below on ways to gear up for GASO:

· Monday, Nov. 18: If you're feeling a little nervous at the thought of being smoke-free in three days, it's OK.

Understanding why you're so dependent on cigarettes to get through the day is a big part of wanting to start quitting. You might want to consider using a nicotine patch or gum to lessen your nicotine withdrawal and reduce your urge to smoke.

· Tuesday, Nov. 19: Tell your family and friends you're going to participate in this year's GASO, and watch how excited they get. You thought they were proud when you joined the service? Find out how proud they are when they know you're trying to quit tobacco. You can also log onto Facebook and Twitter and let your social media family know. Watch how many 'likes' you get in just one day.

· Wednesday, Nov. 20: Start to notice how often and when you smoke a cigarette during one day. Do you smoke when you wake up, after a meal, while you're driving or during work? These are common smoking triggers and it's when you'll be the most tempted to smoke during GASO. If you smoke in the morning -- put out running clothes and go for a jog as soon as you wake up. If you smoke after a meal -- brush your teeth right after eating. If you smoke while driving -- crank up your favorite music and use your lips for singing, not smoking. If you smoke at work -- bring healthy snacks like grapes and carrots to eat throughout the day.

· Thursday, Nov. 21: Today is the one day you've been building toward. You got this, just 24 hours without smoking. Remember the reason you're having a craving is because you're suffering from nicotine withdrawal, a substance that changes your brain the same way as heroine, and it will pass in three to five minutes. Think of your family and friends who are rooting for you to make it through the day without lighting up, and stay smoke-free by avoiding your normal triggers.

· Friday, Nov. 22: Even if you use tobacco again, you're one day closer to being smoke-free.

When you are ready to quit, the HAWC is here for you. Call 734-5506 to learn about the Tobacco Cessation Program, develop your own quit plan and learn all you need to know to make one day tobacco-free last forever.