Employee Enhancement Program

The Tinker Air Force Base "Employee Enhancement and Enrichment Program: (E-Cubed) was established early in 1997 to broaden the outlook of recently hired outstanding scholars and Palace Acquire interns. The "Employee Enhancement Program" (EEP) described here is an outgrowth of the original program and is intended for personnel who have one year of service with the federal government by Oct. 1 of the application year. To date, EEP has over 1,800 graduates that have experienced significant personal and professional growth. The program includes some of the same features of the original program, including a team structure, senior advisors for each team, individual briefings by participants and tours of key Tinker organizations, but now includes personal and professional development, service projects and leadership development. Since 2020, EEP accepts applications from active duty military based on rank requirements (Staff Sgt./E5 through Senior Master Sgt./E8 & 2nd Lt./O1-Capt./O3). This takes place through a separate data call each May. As the program continues to grow, the reach and focus on total force integration will continue as well. Currently, EEP is the longest running professional development program at Tinker AFB.

Program Description
EEP is a 12 month employee development program for high-potential GS 9-12 (Acq Demo equivalent) NJ 04 or WL/WG 08-16 employees. The program will broaden participants' knowledge of the mission, structure, and business activities of key organizations at Tinker Air Force Base and improve their management/leadership skills through workshops and projects. Participants will be assigned to a 25-30 person group. Each group will have a senior advisor (mentor) and a team leader. Teams will meet for one or two sessions each month. The exception will be in October where participants will have a 40 hour class-room orientation.

How to Apply

To self-nominate for EEP, please read the instruction form below and submit the digital forms: EEP Applicant Resume and Statement Form. The links for the forms are listed below. The EEP Applicant Resume and Statement Form must be submitted by the applicant only, by March 27, 2024, to 72fss.fsdet@us.af.mil

The subject line of your email MUST read: Last Name, First Name, EEP FY25 Application

Please note: only digital applications will be accepted. Handwritten applications will NOT be accepted.

Once the employee application is received, the Supervisor Endorsement, Participant and Supervisor Partnership Agreement will be sent to the supervisor listed on the application. To endorse your employee, please submit the Supervisor Endorsement and Participant and Supervisor Partnership Agreement Form by March 27, 2024, to 72fss.fsdet@us.af.mil*The subject line of your email must read: Last Name, First Name, EEP FY25 Supervisor Endorsement & Agreement
Please note: only digital Supervisor Endorsements and Participant and Supervisor Partnership Agreement Form will be accepted. Handwritten endorsements will not be accepted. As a supervisor, if you choose to not sign and return the forms by March 27, 2024, the applicant will be automatically disqualified.

EEP Org Brief Slide.pptx
FY25 Employee Enhancement Program Applicant Resume and Statement Form.pdf
EEP FY25 Self-Nomination Instructions.pdf

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