76th Commodities Maintenance Group

76th Commodities Maintenance GroupMission: Produce combat ready commodities to keep America's airpower lethal!

Vision: Be the premier aerospace maintenance operation in the United States Air Force.

76th CMXG Units:
550th Commodities Maintenance Squadron
551st Commodities Maintenance Squadron
552nd Commodities Maintenance Squadron
553rd Commodities Maintenance Squadron
Engineering Branch, 76th CMXG/MXDE
Quality Assurance Office, OC-ALC/QASC
Production Operations Branch, 76th CMXG/MXDS

Top Capabilities

Reverse Engineering and Critical Tooling (REACT):

  • REACT is a state-of-the-art revenue generating organization with a wide range of capabilities to produce reverse engineering solutions to help overcome due to unavailability of technical data and parts for aging weapon systems. REACT is customer focused and impacting fleet sustainability, depot completions, and weapon systems testing. REACT is the primary reverse engineering partner for Air Force Life Cycle Management Center and the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing by creating and updating technical data packages to procure and or manufacture rapid prototypes and for production of quality assets at minimum cost.
  • Reverse Engineering capabilities include laser scanning; dimensional inspection; tooling, jig, and fixture design; technical data development; and numerical control design.
  • Additive Manufacturing capabilities include fused deposition modeling used to print fixtures, form blocks and aircraft panels; laser powder bed fusion metal printers designed to print tooling, aircraft, and engine parts; and sand mold printers for support of aerospace foundry and casting operations.
  • Engineering Services REACT and other CMXG entities frequently partner with commercial organizations to creatively solve technical challenges and meet production targets. REACT’s heritage of innovation and technical excellence is exemplified by $111 million in cost benefits including avoidance and savings to customers since FY 2017.

Organic Manufacturing

  • Organic Manufacturing services provide an in-house repair and manufacturing capability to produce a variety of components including sheet metal, machined components, welded assemblies, tubing, cables, and hoses.
  • Metal Fabrication capabilities support precision sheet metal to heavy plate, and include water jet cutting, forming, and finishing. 
  • Foundry and casting capabilities are in development and will include aluminum, lead, and kirksite crucible production.
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology provides high speed machining of complex and large parts. 
  • General Machining and Tool and Die supports rapid production of aircraft parts fixtures and support equipment in various materials including steel, aluminum, plastic, bronze, magnesium, copper, and titanium. CMXG leads complex in Industry 4.0 with establishment of LAN connection to machining operations for real time data monitoring for development of overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Tubing, Cables, and Hoses are repaired and manufactured from a variety of materials including steel, aluminum, and titanium. Other capabilities include hydrostatic test and part marking via laser etching.


  • Composites capabilities include honeycomb fabrication, metal to metal bonding, metal to honeycomb core bonding, composite lay-up, and bonding for aerospace structural parts. CMXG has proven ability in the development of composite fabrication processes while maintaining material specification compliance. CMXG is proficient in design of composite tooling such as bonding jigs, core boxes, pattern molds, drill guides, and bonding templates. CMXG composites provides technical guidance for the preparation, kitting, and acceptance of adhesives, primers, and composite materials. Facility capabilities include clean room for lay up activities, autoclaves, curing and drying ovens, and material freezers.

Aircraft Structures

  • Aircraft Structures specialize in sheet metal, corrosion control, and composite fabrication for the repair and overhaul of complex contour flight controls and heavy structures to including flaps, rudders, stabilizers, spoilers, nose cowls, side cowls, windows, doors escape hatches, and refueling booms. CMXG is activating approximately 65 KC-46 structures through 2032 and a total of 500 commodities group wide through 2050.

  • Sheet Metal capabilities include complex contour sheet metal pressing, heat treatment, and post processing. CMXG specializes in research, design, and fabrication of fixtures, tooling, and modeling that directly supports production of B1, B52, KC-135, and E3 weapon systems to. CMXG conducts research, design, and fabrication of fixtures, tooling, and modeling.
  • ‚ÄčCorrosion Control capabilities include painting, paint removal, as well as hazmat management and mitigation. Structures is responsible for corrosion prevention for all CMXG aircraft assets sent to supply or into field. Additionally, phosphoric acid anodize (PAA) process is utilized in surface preparation for metal bonding and metal to honeycomb core bonding.

Air Accessories/Breathing Oxygen/Avionics

  • Air Accessories primary capabilities are repair, overhaul, and testing of air-driven aircraft accessories including turbines, anti-ice valves, shut off valves, flow control valves, heat exchangers, butterfly valves, electromechanical and hydraulic actuators requiring high pressure, temperature, and flow. 
  • Breathing Oxygen CMXG is the Technical Repair Center (TRC) for breathing oxygen commodities including regulators, oxygen generators, liquid oxygen converters, and backup oxygen bottles. Repair, overhaul, and testing is conducted by over 50 skilled technicians in 300K and 100K class cleanrooms.
  • Avionics for 16 weapon systems are repaired, upgraded, and functionally tested utilizing a variety of automated test stations. Five radar ranges including compact, robotic, and far field have capability to perform functional and electrical tests on aircraft nose, side, scuppers, wing glove, and tail cone radomes; and Low Observable Antennae (LOA). Additional LOA testing utilizes a temperature characterization test stand, memory module programmer, as well as gimbal and range array test sets.

Fuel Controls, Constant Speed Drives, Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI)

  • Fuel Controls CMXG is the Technical Repair Center (TRC) for fuel controls and fuel accessories repairing, overhauling, and testing 12,000 commodities annually. Capabilities include 50 UL Class 1, Div 2 hazardous area test stands and a 300,000K class controlled production area. Propulsion manufacturers supported include GE, Woodward, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, and Hamilton Standard fuel controls. Fuel accessories serviced include flight control servos, fuel manifolds, horizontal stabilizer actuators, pumps, valves, exciters, quadrants, filters, and engine gearbox mechanisms.
  • Constant Speed Drive (CSD) CMXG is the TRC for CSDs and Integrated Drive Generators (IDG) which generate onboard electricity. Worked in a 300,000 class clean room, a typical CSD incorporates approximately 500 individual parts to inspect, repair/replace, and test. This unique capability supports 13 weapons systems and is poised for the future KC-46, B-21, and T-7 workloads.
  • Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Level 3 certified, multi-disciplinary engineers provide professional engineering services and maintain world class NDI operations using five specialized methods (X-Ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, eddy current, and liquid penetrant inspection) to ensure flight and operational safety of commodities.