76th Propulsion Maintenance Group

76th Propulsion Maintenance GroupMission: Delivering safe, reliable engines and components on time and on cost.

Vision: Industry leader of choice for propulsion, maintenance, manufacture, repair and overhaul (M2RO).

76th PMXG Units:
544th Propulsion Maintenance Squadron
546th Propulsion Maintenance Squadron
547th Propulsion Maintenance Squadron
548th Propulsion Maintenance Squadron
Engineering Branch, 76th PMXG/MXDE
Quality Assurance Office, OC-ALC/QASP
Production Operations Branch, 76th PMXG/MXDS

Top Capabilities

Business Advantages: When you work with the Propulsion Maintenance Group (PMXG), you are working with the global Maintenance, Manufacturing, Repair and Overhaul (M²RO) leader and one of the top influencers of world readiness. PMXG prides itself on having the highest reliability and quality standards supported by competitive pricing. We are committed to discovering ways to innovate our industrial processes, reduce costs, improve turn-around time and satisfaction, and support synergy with our industry partners. PMXG ensures maintenance excellence, with a 95% quality rate, compliance with Airworthiness Directives and endorsed with Federal Aviation Administration certifications.

Engines/Module Services: The Air Force Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for Propulsion is situated in the heart of the United States and offers total fleet management services. We are a global provider of an array of M²RO capabilities all in one location. Our experts can provide engine, module, and Quick Engine Change component disassembly and assembly, as well as removal, replacement, and installation of line replaceable units. We can tailor support to your needs. Some of the frequently requested services include blade grinding, rotor balancing and static/dynamic balance, moment weighing flow rate verification, precision measurements and torque, decoking of oil lines, vibration trim balance surveys and fuel nozzle exchange.

Component Services: PMXG offers a variety of component services. Our core capabilities include stripping, cleaning, inspection, welding, a variety of spray, rubber and composite repairs, plating, machining and manufacturing, corrosion control and coating application. Inspection services feature the Automated Eddy Current, including phased array, Automated Ultrasonic Inspection (UTI), X-Ray, Vibro Thermography, 4D inpsection, and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) dimensional inspection processes. PMXG also provides Level 1 Bearing Inspection and AMS 2750 Compliant Heat treatment. Our welding capabilities include laser, electron beam and Direct Energy Depostion (DED). Spray capabilities include thermal, plasma, HVOF, flame, wire and cold. We also provide expertise in 5 Axis precision machining and grinding, bladetip griding, smart blend for Integrated Blade Rotors (IBRs) and laser drilling.

Innovation Repair Capabilities: PMXG’s Engineering services have a combined 100+ years of experience. They work to leverage new and old techniques that eliminate diminishing Sources of Supply. Our Repair Development engineers specialize in engineered maskings, for example uniquely designed polymer masking for in-process part protection of thermal spray and plating processes, as well as rapid prototyping and tooling manufacturing (tolling, fixtures, masking). Our Group Additive Repair Capabilities include DED, laser cladding, cold spray, thermal spray and welding. The Innovative Repair Capabilities from PMXG are comprised of Polymer 3D Printing, hybrid additive/machining, robotics and automation, measurement (scanning and Mobile CMM) and augmented/virtual reality; with the latest industry technologies being added to our portfolio daily.

Engine Test Services: The 76th PMXG’s engine testing capabilities consist of computer-controlled testing, Tear-down Deficiency Report (TDR), reclamation of engines, and engine trailer repair. The TDR encompasses a complete teardown of engine mishaps and investigation management reporting. Our reclamation and trailer repair processes include engine teardown, material and parts processing, and engine trailer repair. Test cell specifications include 8-meter test cells capable of 0-1 of 0-100,000 lbs of thrust with an air flow of 4000 lbs/second and 5-meter test cells with the capability of 0-50,000 lbs of thrust and air flow of 425-550 lbs/second.

Supply Chain: Resilience is ensured though supply chain risk management, obsolescence management and collaborative, integrated planning with enterprise partners. Resourcefulness comes from our alternative sourcing strategy to tackle supportability concerns, extensive continuous relationships with a wide variety of internal and external partners, and funding with flexible, non-profit, competitive rates. Finally, our supply chain maintains a high level of responsiveness by implementing innovative approaches to address future challenges, surge capability, accurate and timely logistics data, and the sustainment of engineering capabilities to address unique challenges.

Welcome to Engine Country

The Propulsion Center for Industrial and Technical Excellence for the Air Force. Our Propulsion M2RO performs depot maintenance, manufacturing, repair and overhaul for a diverse portfolio of mission-critical engines and components.

Powering Mission Capability

Full maintenance, repairs, overhauls
Leading military engine repair source
Complex piece part/component repairs
DoD's largest piece part MRO
Precision engine testing
Premier Public-Private Partnerships
Unparalleled artisanship

Engineering Services:
Advanced Manufacturing Techniques
Additive Repairs Manufacturing
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Engineering
Technical Reviews

Facts about 76th PMXG M2RO:
Over 100 years of experience
1.8 Million Sq. Ft. of industrial space
1,800+ Artisans, 38 different skill sets
FAA-Approved Repair Station

Platforms Supported:
F108-100, 200, 201
TF33-100, 102, 103