Building 9001 FACT Sheet


Available floor space at the former General Motors facility, now known as Building 9001 Tinker Aerospace Complex (TAC), presents a strategic opportunity in securing the right workload for the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center. New workloads will increase depot capacity and capabilities, positioning the OC-ALC for ongoing workload transformation and next generation workload opportunities.

To ensure we achieve our vision of being the world's logistics provider of choice, our Commander has set forth a Strategic Imperative and five strategic goals. The Strategic Imperative Doing the Right Work Better will lead Tinker as we continue to improve our support to the Warfighter. To adhere to this commitment, the people of our Center navigate to excellence by providing world-class Support to our Warfighters, Stewardship with our resources, and building transparency into lean operations with our Suppliers with an unsurpassed dedication to Safety and Quality. We pursue excellence as a Team, and use these focus areas as our Center's flight instruments.

Every opportunity concerning use of TAC and other available Tinker industrial space will be explored. Each inquiry, by both public and private entities, will be given fair and equitable evaluation; however, there is a tremendous amount of preliminary groundwork that must be accomplished before these considerations are evaluated. TAC is prime industrial space, and as such, the OC-ALC's top priority will be introducing mission related DoD industrial work. Tinker industrial space is not envisioned to be utilized for any administrative or warehouse options.

In an effort to ensure the right workload is secured not only for the TAC facility but the OC-ALC as a whole, decision-making criterion have been established, including 50/50 Benefit, Aircraft Availability, Posture for Future Workload, Workload Volume, Technical Expertise, Transitioning Workload, Contract Implications, Facilities Requirements, Production Capacity, and Workload Value. The available space in the TAC presents a tremendous opportunity for the OC-ALC and will be utilized specifically for posturing the ALC for future workloads, potential new technology insertion, and improving efficiency of existing workloads--all in an effort to better support the Warfighter in all that we do.

OK. CIty Air Logistics Complex