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  • OC-ALC commander gives State of ALC address Feb. 21

    Maj. Gen. Loren Reno, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center commander, spoke about the state of the ALC Feb. 21. Some 200 senior military and civilian leaders attended his briefing during a Tinker Management Association luncheon at the Tinker Club.    The general's speech focused on the wings - 72nd Air Base Wing, the 76th Maintenance Wing, 327th
  • Promotions announced

    Results of the CY07A Col, Lt Col and Maj (MC/DC) Central Selection Board have been announced.    Among those selected for promotion to major was Jay A. Geary, 72nd Medical Operations Squadron.    Those selected for promotion to lieutenant colonel are:    Tristanne M. Spottswood, 51st Dental Squadron    Karyn J. Ayers, 72nd Aerospace Medicine
  • Lease signing events planned

    Beginning Feb. 26, GMH Military Housing is hosting a three day signing event at the Tinker Club.    "The lease signing event is by neighborhood," said Cindy Murillo, GMH Community manager. Ms. Murillo said GMH will have all necessary support personnel available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 26, 27 and 28 at the Tinker Club with lease signings
  • Military, civilian inspectors evaluate 72nd MDG

    Their inspection is just around the corner. The 72nd Medical Group will undergo a "Health Services Inspection and civilian accreditation beginning Feb. 25 and culminating Feb. 29.    A nine-member military team from the Air Force Inspector General's office will work in conjunction with a three-member civilian team from the Accreditation Association
  • Forward presence customer account specialists support Oklahoma City ALC

    Joe McRoy, Eyvette Preston, and Angie Larson are always busy in their forward presence assignments as Defense Supply Center Richmond customer account specialists at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla. Each CAS works for a specific division--engines, commodities, and aircraft--in the 76th Maintenance Wing at Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.    "I like
  • OSHA safety summary shows improvements; Tinker’s goal to reduce preventable mishaps

    Tinker's annual summary of work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities for 2007 has been submitted to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.    Despite seemingly high numbers, Tinker officials said every year continues to show improvements toward the aggressive goals set by the Secretary of Defense. The goal is to reduce the number
  • Which way is up?

  • Tinker intersection has extensive history: First Hollywood and Vine street sign 40 years old

    In Los Angeles, the Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street intersection is a well-known landmark. At Tinker, it could be legendary.    Named after the southern California intersection, Bldg. 3001's focal point for foot-traffic directions has an extensive and near-fabled history. Its first sign debuted 40 years ago and its origins began at least 15
  • 72nd MDG proves motto “best care anywhere”

    The 72nd Medical Group keeps showing what it means to be a "wildcatter," the 72nd Air Base Wing's mascot.    Their consistent "over-the-top" effort and performance has resulted in a deluge of personal and group awards, numerous unit successes, and most importantly the "best care anywhere" for members of Tinker, their families and deployed members
  • Bacteria research could protect Airmen from radiation

    An Air Force Office of Scientific Research-funded scientist has identified manganese complexes in the bacterium Deinococcus radioduran that resists the damaging effects of radiation.    The goal of the research is to investigate biomaterials that offer protection to Airmen from various environmental hazards, such as military personnel who are